Sarah & Andrew at the Garage, Skeleton$ at the Tea House, a Derby extravaganza at the Diner… oh yeah, and President Obama!

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As if there weren’t already enough awesome music events around town tonight, there’s also another last minute event that you may have heard about… President Obama will speak at the Charlottesville Pavilion this evening, stumping for local incumbent underdog Congressman Tom Periello (more about him soon — election day is Tuesday!) The event is free and open to the public; gates open at 5pm, and no tickets are required (although I assure you, it will be quite crowded), and nobody seems to know what time the President is actually arriving.

This is an awesome thing for Periello’s struggling campaign, and thus a good thing for the 5th District … unfortunately, it’s a very bad thing for anyone who wanted to, you know, do anything else at all this Friday. Basically, most of the downtown area is gonna be closed down this evening, adding complete chaos and inconvenience to what’s already the unbelievable hassle of Charlottesville’s weekly day-long rush hour (I started making it a personal rule never to drive anywhere on a Friday about two years ago). A full listing of the street closings can be found here, but the main one (from my perspective are): anything near the Pavilion area (including the mall-crossing) is closed as of 2pm, all of Water Street and Market Street will be closed for the evening (6:30 to 9), as will 8th, 9th, and 10th Sts (East), and the area that goes under the Bridge (apparently it’s called “Old South Street” although I’ve always just thought of it as the East end of Water St… the part down by the Coal Tower). Oh, and the parking lot under the Bridge is closed, and there’s no parking on High Street.

SO: if you can get to the Obama thing, that’ll be worthwhile and cool, and I hope he’s able to swing some votes in Periello’s favor. If you can’t get in… why leave the house at all?

Well, I’ll give you three reasons why: three astoundingly awesome concerts! Three concerts so good, I’d be at a serious loss about which one to attend, if I weren’t going to be stuck at work all evening.

The first is a last-minute announcement that I only heard about a few days ago: Sarah White and Andrew Cedermark are playing at The Garage! Sarah and Andrew are easily two of my favorite musicians in town, and the Garage is a lovely place to see them, PLUS it’s your last chance to see Patrick Costello’s excellent art exhibit, which is definitely amazing and worth seeing. As for the music… you guys already know Sarah and Andrew, right? Sarah does amazing Folk / Rock / Country stuff, has an incredible voice, and writes unforgettable songs; Andrew plays sloppy-yet-ecstatic shoegazery indie-rock ballads which are both modest and triumphant. I think they’re both playing solo tonight (?), although there may be some accompaniment involved…  That’s from 5 to 8pm at The Garage.

What/Where is the Garage, you ask? The Garage is a literal one-car garage on 1st St. North between Market and Jefferson (across from Lee Park) … and tonight is their second birthday! Sam says: “A $5 raffle ticket could win you a dinner with 5 of your friends inside the Garage with the musical accompaniment of a local band. Other prizes include CDs of Garage bands, prints and drawings of Garage artists, a 100% Icelandic wool sweater, a free haircut and more. Contribution to the Garage will go toward some new furniture and ongoing support of the bands on tour.  We’ve been having so much fun running this space that we think it’s time to have a party to formally acknowledge what the Garage means to us.” I’m told there might also be waffles. If the Secret Service doesn’t shut it down (it’s happening 5 blocks from the President’s visit, between 2 closed streets), it’ll be an amazing thing, for sure.

What to do after that? Well, why not head to the Tea Bazaar to see Skeleton$! Longtime Nailgun readers will certainly remember this band… they were originally called Skeletons and the Girl-Faced Boys, and played a legendary show at the Tea Bazaar back in it’s crazier heyday, a show which was talked about ecstatically for years afterwards. About a year later, they had changed their name to Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities, and played another stellar set over at The Bridge, which is where I first caught them. They are an experimental funk/rock band of artsy mellow white dudes who totally kick ass. This is their first gig in town in 3 years, so check it out tonight or repent in leisure. Openers are locals the Left&Right Band, and something called Poison Control Center. Starts at 9pm, cover is $5.

Last but certainly not least, there’s a big extravaganza over at the Blue Moon Diner tonight; it’s happening out back in the garage behind the diner, and it’s their “last outdoor concert of the year” — to be fair, it IS getting a little cold to keep having events outside (supposed to get down to… um, 34° tonight). BUT it’s certainly worth braving the cold to go see Diner favorites Mister Baby, Barling & Collins, and PantherBurn, along with a Richmond band called Marionette, and the Charlottesville Derby Dames! The Blue Moon doesn’t have a website and Laura’s email doesn’t mention the details, so I have no idea what time that’s starting or what it costs, but I’m guessing it’s gonna be in the 8pm to 10pm range (?) and either free or affordable (& of course they’re sellin’ booze); proceeds are gonna benefit injured Skatetresses. If you want some rockin’ country good-times this evening, this is the place to be.

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  • 1 Sam // Oct 29, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    Music at the Garage starts directly after Obama’s speech- so, sometime around 8:00PM

    Andrew Cedermark //8:00-8:45PM
    Sarah White // 9:00-9:45PM

    And we’ll be having the raffle party throughout the entire night so come early.

  • 2 Victoria // Oct 29, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    Not that it matters, but that first Skeletons gig was actually a Tyrannosaurus Rock show at DUST. As I recall, it was followed by a fun after-party at the Tea Haus. Skeletons are rad – the last time I saw them I thought they were like Albert Ayler and disco rolled into one. Maybe that doesn’t make any sense…

  • 3 James // Oct 30, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    Vicky – aha! you’re right. that gig was before I moved back to town so my facts were a little hazy.
    sadly, missed Skeleton$’ set last night (I was working) but caught up with them at the bar afterwards.

    y’all – how did that Garage gig go? were those Tea Partiers in the park still there when the music happened?