two more B-more acts on the Dan Deacon bill!

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What was once a mere rumor now appears to actually be happening — just heard via Danny Shea and Andy Gems that Dan Deacon‘s fellow denizens of charm city — namely, Dope Body and DJ Dog Dick — have been added to tonight’s bill at the Southern!

Saw both of those acts do their thing at the Magnolia house late last night; I’m kind of curious why they weren’t on the Dan Deacon bill all along, actually– maybe their gig tonight fell through or something?  Anyway, they were both really solid and fun.  Dog Dick is not a DJ in the traditional sense, more like a guy with a kit full of pedels and patch cables, making blurpy thumping distorted fucked-up bare-bones gabbery beats while he croons and yowlps through a mic (also distorted) and jumps around — Dope Body were even more impressive, a three-man powerhouse of kick-ass drummer, guitarist with a huge array of pedals making everything sound like some sick glitched-up breakdown from one of the heavier Primus records, and super-energetic frontman who appeared to be Christian Breeden’s good twin.  They were great!

Apparently they’re now playing on the bill with Dan Deacon, Order, and Rhythm Bandit, although I have no idea whether they’re gonna be extra openers, or playing a midnight after-party, or what. Either way, it’s gonna be really fun! {UPDATE: the band order is: Rhythm Bandit, Dope Body, DJ Dog Dick, Order, Dan Deacon!}

Oh and congrats again to our contest winners Anthony Gallo and Rebecca Reed, who were lucky enough to be selected by our random number generator. The rest of yas will have to fork out $12… but for a bill that’s now five(!) bands, that’s totally worth it!

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  • 1 Matt // Oct 28, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    Does anybody know what time this is starting?

  • 2 James // Oct 28, 2010 at 8:47 pm

    I have no idea. gonna head over there right now…

  • 3 Andy // Oct 28, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    we’re finally underway, twas a bit of a clusterf**k getting it all going.

    going to be a bit of a later night.