middlin’ to decent wednesday

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Today’s noteworthy events include the conclusion of the two-night Bela Lugosi Birthday Bash at The Bridge. Matt Marshall, an adjunct film lecturer at UVA, hosts the event which includes screenings of White Zombie (1932) and Ed Wood’s  Bride of the Monster (1956.) I can see this as an ideal event to take it to the next level with the person you’re interested in, if you know what I’m saying. You get scared, you squeeze, you are squeezed back if things are going well…that’s not just my life, is it now? It’s $5 and starts at 7:30.

The film screening at The Bridge shouldn’t last more than three hours so you’ll have time to catch either of a couple of free shows if you’re up for it. My preference of the two happens at the 12th Street Taphouse. While Caninos called it quits on Friday, Left & Right Band, which includes some of the same members, rages on.  I would say they sound like little brothers to The Hilarious Posters, who have become pretty dang good over the past year if I do say so myself. They’re joined by The Black, a charming twangy outfit from Austin who used to have another band, a semi-popular college-charting band called Voxtrot.  Invisible Hand drummer Adam Brock happens to bartend at the Taphouse on Wednesdays and you will be able to buy tickets to the Invisible Hand record relase show from him at the bar if you are so inclined. Things should start around 10.

At The Box, Mister Baby does the full band thing, which hasn’t happened in a while. The occasion marks the return of well-loved Vermont honky-tonk band J.P. Harris and the Tough Choices.  This will start around 10:30.

There’s also a Devon Sproule show earlier at The Southern. It’s a seated affair with an $8 cover. Things begin around 7:30.

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