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There’s three good shows in town this Thursday night, but one in particular that I must insist you check out.

Now admittedly, the singer-songwriter genre is by and large a worn-out, pretentious, aggravating scene. Don’t confuse any of that junk with Philadelphia’s wonderful Birdie Busch, who’s more firmly planted in the camp of Jeff Tweedy/Sharon Van Etten (or heck, Sarah White would be a really apt comparison) than, well, someone less talented. What makes her songs so special is simply that she’s not trying overly hard to impress; she never gets carried away with showy, over-the-top delivery, and doesn’t need bells, whistles or fancy fretwork to get the job done. Her melodies are simple and infectious, her lyrics are frank, witty, and true-to-heart, all the while avoiding being too obvious or overtly poignant. Suffice to say that Birdie Busch is a gem and you should really check out her show at the Tea Bazaar tomorrow (Thursday) night.

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Birdie is joined by some really talented locals: a new (or newly rebranded) project from a former Hill & Wooder, Chris Campanelli & The Dusty Jackets and the local alt-folk standard-bearers Ned Oldham and Matty Metcalf in their duo Old Calf, whom you can see playing C-ville feedback session here. It’s $5, doors are at 8PM. Old Calf starts at 8:30PM, Birdie at 9:30, and Chris & company at 10:30PM (trying to run things early!).

Meeeanwhile, down at The Box, starting around 10:30PM, C-ville’s new surf-rock group Luchadora plays. I caught them at The Box a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed their set. Safe to say I was sold when they brought out the theremin. That one is free.

And one more — Caninos are playing a show at SERP House with a band called Beautiful People, whom I know nothing about yet. SERP has a history of shows that are either awful or amazing, largely depending on who you are and your state of inebriation. Expect rampant drunkenness, Greek buffoonery, and an intense townie culture clashes. So depending on what you’re in the mood for, this could be great or terrible. Hopefully great! I’m assuming this one’s free, as the last time I tried to work the door for a show there it was a fairly disappointing/insulting experience. Not trying to knock the show or the venue — just speaking matter-of-factly here, it’s kind of a pretty mixed bag.

UPDATE: A commenter helpfully reminds me that Astronomers are indeed playing at The Southern this evening, with Evan Bliss & The Welchers and Double Hi-Fives. Apologies for overlooking that the first time around!

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  • 1 Matt // Sep 30, 2010 at 7:44 am

    I think the Astronomers are playing tonight at the Southern tonight too.