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The Virginia Film Society is presenting the original “Nosferatu” at the Paramount tonight, with a live score by Matt Marshall — definitely worth checking out if you, uh, missed it when The Bridge did this exact same thing last year. It’s at 7pm, costs $6.

Either way, you should definitely check out the Tea Bazaar show tonight, where the headlining act is Garotas Suecas, a Tropicalia / Garage Rock group from Brazil! There’s a lot of good buzz about this band; apparently they even just won some big prize on the Brazilian equivalent of MTV?  I gave their album a quick listen, and I have to say I was not overly impressed (does MTV suck as much in other countries as it does here?), but I’m definitely interested enough to check out their live show and form a second opinion. Plus, I’m excited to get another chance to hear Dzian!, Charlottesville’s very own international surf-rock band; they have Taiwanese Nakashi dancers, and sing charming garage/surf songs in French, Japanese, a Javanese dialect, and more. They do a lot of awesome covers, and they’re super-charming. The show is at 8:30, and the cover charge is $5.

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    brasilian MTV is really great actually! it is like MTV here was in the early 90s. the reason for this?! Lula passed a law that any teevee station that has a terrestrial broadcast (as MTV Brasil does in the SP area) cannot be more than i think 40% owned by a non-Brasilian company. so unlike sucky original MTV, Viacom is not the majority stakeholder.

    when i had swine flu at the end of my last trip there, all i did was drink juice in bed and watch! OK, admittedly it is kinda scary, but endearing! they still have VJs! <3