Starchildren Release Show and Malaikat at the Tea Bazaar

September 25th, 2010 · No Comments · By

Two great shows tonight:

First, over at The Southern, local rockers We Are Star Children (formerly known as Straight Punch To The Crotch) are dropping their new LP. Having played keys in the band for a hot minute I’m really excited to hear what they’ve laid down. The Starchildren are definitely one of Charlottesville’s more serious, hard-working bands and tonight should be every bit as celebratory as their music is. Gotta love this press photo.

Richmond mega-ensemble No BS Brass Band open the night. I haven’t heard them yet, but have heard many great things about them. Apparently they plan to start their set playing up by the amphitheater and march down the mall and into the venue to start the show. Sounds cool! Doors are at 8PM and it’s $8 at the door.

I’ll hopefully have a chance to pop my head in at that one, but I’m also super excited about tonight’s Tea Bazaar show. The band is Malaikat dan Singa, a project of Old Time Relijun mastermind Arrington de Dionyso, a songwriter who has consistently held down the louder/heavier end of K Records releases. Malaikat features Arrington singing William Blake poems in Indonesian, Tuvan throat singing, abrasive guitar riffage, and pounding aggressive beats. It’s music that’s truly otherworldly, bizarre, and really exciting. Here’s a video that Gary got last time. The drums sort of drown everything else out (they were really fucking loud), but you can get the idea.

Dylan Mulshine and Andy Dunlap open up with their Raw Moans project, featuring cassette based noise-rock. This one is at 10PM and is $7.

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