movie night: Chaplin at the Paramount, Ramones the Tea House!

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There’s not one but TWO cool film screenings going on tonight:

at 7pm the Paramount is showing two Charlie Chaplin films, as part of their September series of silent films (although Matt Marshall won’t be playing live accompaniment for this one, since Chaplin’s films all have their own unique scores — written¬† by Chaplin — which were added to all prints of his films in the 60’s or thereabouts). Anyway, the films are 1921’s classic “the Kid” and somewhat less well-remembered “Shoulder Arms” from 1918; they’re both short features, so I think the whole program is slightly under 2 hours. It’s $6, or just $4 for kids.

… then afterwards you can stop by the Tea Bazaar at 9pm for a free screening, the first night in the newly-revived Rock&Roll Movie Night series presented by WTJU. We’re kicking off the season with “Rock & Roll High School” — here’s what I wrote about it:

Legendary b-movie producer Roger Corman’s 1979 attempt to cash in on the punk craze — after a (thankfully) failed attempt at developing a “disco high school” film years earlier — yielded surprisingly rewarding results; in addition to the expected amount of Ramones-spoitation, it’s also a legitimately goofy, lighthearted and irreverent tale of two rockin’ chicks who clash against their fun-hating high school principal in a timeless tale of rock recklessness and rebellion. Totally worth seeing just for the proto-MTV-esque scene in which the Ramones magically appear to serenade Riff Randell in her bedroom with their classic ballad “I Want You Around” as she smokes a joint afterschool. It’s filled with Corman regulars and character actors of yesteryear like Clint Howard, Mary Woronov, and Dick Miller. Soundtrack produced by Phil Spector.

We’re starting the movie at 9pm sharp, and it’s FREE!

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