electronics at the Tea House, silent films at the Paramount

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The busiest month in the universe continues unabated; tonight the Virginia Film Society is showing “the Thief of Bagdad” at the Paramount; it’s the silent version, from 1925 — not to be confused with the 1940 version, which honestly is perhaps the greatest film of it’s type — but the ’25 version is pretty awesome too, and is probably my favorite film starring Douglas Fairbanks (Sr., not Jr.). It’s a true “epic” in every sense of the word — amazing sets, a cast of thousands, and a running time of 2 hrs 20+ mins. So, you definitely get your money’s worth, even for today’s (adjusted for inflation) ticket price of $6 (or $4 for kids). Definitely worth checking out — I’m not sure if the Paramount is still doing digital projection (I’d assume they are, for this one) BUT I’ve been told they’re bringing back 35mm projection soon! Furthrmore, there will be a live score by Matt Marshall, whom you’ve probably heard if you’ve seen a silent film here in town in the past 2 years (he’s done stuff with the Film Society before, as well as working with the Scottsville Victory Theater and doing a few events with The Bridge); his Reel Music Ensemble will be performing along with the film tonight.

Afterwards, you can head on over to the Tea Bazaar to check out kick-ass keyboard-punkersĀ Nurse Beach, cville’s enfant terrible of the floor-tom Rhythm Bandit, and touring act Blissed Out, an up-and-coming duo from New York who seem to be treading similar territory to Toro Y Moi, Pictureplane, etc (whatever youse kids are calling that sub-sub-genre these days); should be a really fun show. It’s $5, and starts at 9pm (the film actually doesn’t get out ’til about 9:30, but you know how rock&roll shows go…)

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