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Well, it certainly has been an extraordinarily busy week here in Charlottesville, and today is no exception. Here’s what’s happening:

The first annual Midtown Street Fair is already underway; it’s running from 1pm to 5pm this afternoon on West Main Street; several restaurants have all banded together to put on the event, including Blue Moon, Maya, and West Main; they’ve got BBQ cookouts, vendors, waiter olympics , and a ton of live music, including We Are Star Children, Mr. Baby, PantherBurn, the Downbeat Project, B.C. (Barling & Collins), something called Afrolachian Music, the Allegria Latin Combo, the duo of Brian Caputo & Metty Metcalf, and Bosque. I have no idea which acts are playing where or when, but it’s worth it just to head over there and check it out. It’s a lovely day to spend outside (I’ve got the windows open and the Garage Sale rocking right now as I make lunch; definitely planning to check out the street fair after I eat & stop by work).

Actually, two of the acts playing at the Fair are serving double-duty tonight; Matty Metcalf will be playing as one half of the duo Old Calf (along with Ned Oldham), at (of all places) Cville Coffee; the cover charge is $5, the show starts at 8pm and runs through 1o or 11-ish; Ned says: “Two sets.  Smoke Free.  Good wine, beer and food available […] You could be home by 10:30!  Or still go out!  In your new Old Calf t-shirt!”

Also, there’s a concert tonight at PVCC called the “Fusion Music Project.” It’s got the aforementioned Bosque — about whom I know nothing, other than the fact that they’re playing two shows today, but they apparently play “Latin Reggae” — but I do know that Dzian! are an excellent and kick-ass international surf-rock explosion, featuring some of Cville’s most forward-thinking experimental musicians “slumming it” and displaying their garage-rock chops; they are super-fun and should definitely be checked out ASAP. Wendy says: “It involves the Nakashi Dancers, a few special guests. […] We are really excited about playing and dancing at a real ‘concert’ setting this time.” Also on the bill is a fellow named Dave Watkins playing “appalachian electronica.” That’s at 7:30pm, it costs $10, or just $8 for Senior Citizens.

Lastly, there’s a promising show over at the Tea Bazaar, with much-loved touring regulars Pattern Is Movement bringing their energetic, shambling prog-pop act back to town; the openers are quirky local songstress Nelly Kate as well as Mss., whom I saw described as a “noise-rock duo” in the paper this week; a wholly inaccurate assessment, which is almost certainly based on the reputation of Tyler’s prior bands (it’s true, the guy has been in like a half-dozen noise-rock duos), BUT —  Mss. are much closer to Beach House or something like that; slow, textural ballads on organ and guitar. They sound mellow and lovely, and they cover Skip James and Lungfish. Anyway, that Tea Bazaar show is at 9pm (doors at 8:30), and the cover is $7. In my mind it’s the event to catch this evening, although there’s certainly no lack of promising choices.

Oh, and as if that weren’t enough, there’s also a Beer Festival at the Pavilion, and a concert at the Jefferson with Q*Black and the Illville Crew opening for something called the X Band.  That’s a pretty crazy night. But you’re going to want to be sure to save some energy for tomorrow evening, which I’ll write more about soon.

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