Another Packed Night of Music

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Here we go with another jam-packed night of music. The main event is a fairly epic triple-bill at the Tea Bazaar. Let me preface by saying, I would not show up late and expect to be able to get in.

Pictureplane is, in a nutshell, a dude from Denver who plays a variety of electronics to create some massively danceable party jams. His last Tea House show was with Small Black and Washed Out and was a giant sweaty party. When I last saw Pictureplane at Whartscape and actually got to get up front and watch the show, basically all I remember is bouncing around like a crazy person. This is a picture from the show, which is incidentally exactly what my memory of the show looks like:

Future Islands are from Baltimore and are truly one of the most exciting new bands on my radar. Check out this video for ‘Tin Man’, which includes a lot of beautifully shot tour footage from their March tour (the last time they were here).

If you ever chose to believe me and actually show up on time for an opening act — believe me tonight. Double Dagger are outrageous! Expect to be sonically — and maybe even physically — assaulted. For a bass/drums/vocals three-piece they pack an incredible wallop. Here’s another picture from Whartscape:

This one is $12 and kicks off at 9PM and as long as everybody keeps dancing we’ll stay open late, too. But not too late, because there’s a killer after-party going down at Magnolia (i.e. that house where Dylan and Jack live and have shows). Ask around at the Tea House show if you want to find out where it’s at. The Tea Bazaar show features Narwhalz and Shams. Narwhalz is awesome and I haven’t heard Shams yet, but I’m assuming they’re great, too. This isn’t their music, but I couldn’t help reposting this because it’s just so great:

Please please please bring a couple bucks for the band. I know it’s a house show, but consider this a suggestion in etiquette that I’d love to put into practice: there’s no such thing as a free house show when there’s a touring band on the bill. It’s suggested donation, yes, but the bands need to eat and travel. Help them.

Other options tonight include:

Rollicking folk-rockers Arlo and The Otter from Columbus, OH play at The Garage. Free (or suggested donation rather, see above), starts around 8PM I think.

Crooner and country standard-bearer Jim Waive holds down his regular Wednesday night slot at Blue Moon Diner.

A band called Love Canon is at The Southern but I don’t know anything about them.

And there’s some band called Lady Gaga playing at JPJ. Highly recommended if you feel like paying $130, getting in line at 3PM, and seeing the show from a half a city block away.

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