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After missing a show Sunday, I’ll be back on the air on WTJU tonight, from 11pm-1am, hosting “Aunt Beast’s Radio Theatre” … Sarah’s already done her last show two weeks ago (with help from myself & Patrick), and I’ll be filling in the spare week before the new (only moderately different) weekly fall schedule starts up on Monday.

WTJU afficionados may also be interested to learn that tonight will be the VERY LAST edition of the “Hep Imp Show”!  Chris McRae has been hosting the show for a very impressive nine years, and tonight will be the last one. For those nine years, he’s brought an impressive and often inscrutable array of interesting sounds to the airwaves between 1 and 3am on Wednesday nights; I’ve often heard people (even WTJU alums and Hep Imp fans) say things along the lines of: “I don’t know what the hell he’s playing, and I don’t always like it, but I’m glad there’s a place for it in WTJU.”  Well, I actually do really like most of what happens on the Hep Imp show; Chris is definitely an industrial-music nerd (which I’m fond of, having grown up around industrial music nerds), but he shies pretty far away from anything approaching EBM or synth-pop or dance music; he’s much closer to the Coil / Nurse With Wound / Ant-Zen / Diamanda Galas end of the spectrum, playing lots of drones, spoken word stuff, spooky field recordings, etc.  To give you some idea, his last few marathon shows were themed around Current 93, Klaus Shulze, Negativland, and Tangerine Dream (and they were all ear-openingly excellent).

Anyway, tonight will be Chris’ last show; I’ll be on at 11pm, Chris will be there later on, and we’re gonna hang out and play weird scary music for your enjoyment. Tune in live on 91.1 on your FM radio dial, or catch up later on the WTJU tape vault. Happy listening!  Call us if you like what you hear.

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