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Here’s a few things related to WTJU that I thought I would take the time to note here…

First of all, everyone has been asking me what the status of the station is. Well, it’s still up in the air. But where things were once incredibly bleak, they now look hopeful. The good news, as you may have heard, was that Burr Beard’s new plan of action for the station was withdrawn back in July after widespread outcry from volunteers, listeners, and alumni (This all happened weeks ago, you have have heard more eloquent and in-depth descriptions of all of this elsewhere.); the higher-ups at the Office of Public Affairs have listened to our voices, and are eager to put together a new plan for the future of the station.

So what does that actually mean?  Well, right now it means a whole lot of boring meetings in which we form committees and subcommittees… What does it actually mean for the average listeners? To start with, we’re looking to sponsor a lot more shows here in town, and cross-promote them heavily by bringing bands into the studio, networking with the folks in the music departments at the University, and by throwing more events of our own.

There may be also be changes in the weekly schedule soon, and opinions are sharply divided amongst the various departments and volunteers as to what that schedule should look like. I can’t claim to speak on behalf of the Rock Department, but I know that many DJs here have been upset that Rock has basically been nudged out of the daytime slots over the past 15-20 years; although my own show is late at night (and I’d like to keep it that way), I’d love to see more Rock programming in the daytime, especially if one of the stated goals of both volunteers and supervisors alike is to increase student involvement.

Speaking of which, we’ll be throwing a “back-to-school” / “welcome to UVa” party on September 3rd at the UVa Amphitheater, with Invisible Hand, Andrew Cedermark, and the Caninos; I’m actually making a poster for that show tonight…

“But wait,” you ask (yeah right); “isn’t James’ radio show tonight?” Well, yes and no. Actually, I’m on a special 1-week probation from the studio, because I fucked up and missed part of a show I agree to sub for last week (usually probation lasts for a full month, but I only fucked up 25%, so this will be my only week away). And luckily, former WTJU Rock Director DJ Danger Dimples is back in the country for a few weeks, and has agreed to cover my show. So if you tune in to the Madame Psychosis Hour tonight, you’ll hear her instead of me! FYI. It should be a fun show.

So I’ve taken the time that I would usually spend on Sunday evenings preparing for my show (read: napping) to go back and post the playlists from the past few months of shows, something I’d gotten waaay behind on keeping up with. The playlists for the Madame Psychosis Hour (and various shows I subbed for) are now up on the Rock Department’s blog, going all the way back to … um, April (there’s still a few missing from the marathon in April that I need to fill in…)

Now, suppose you’re the sort of person who would like to listen to shows like the ones described in those playlists… BUT you’re a reasonably sane individual, and you don’t usually stay up ’til 3am on Mondays. Or suppose you live outside the WTJU broadcast radius. Or maybe your favorite show from whatever genre happens to conflict with your work schedule, and you never get to tune in. Well, I am pleased to inform you that an archive of past WTJU shows can now be streamed online! (the good shows are on there too, not just mine).

All you have to do is go to the still-kind-of-wack-looking WTJU homepage, and click “Tape Vault,” and … oops, looks like it’s actually down at the moment. Sorry folks, we’re still getting the kinks worked out. But they’ll be back up there soon; actually, we’re working on a new website, too! Anyway, the tape vault usually holds archives of shows from the past two weeks; they’re not downloadable, and you have to listen straight-through, BUT it’s a significant improvement that brings us one step closer to the 21st century, and for that I am glad. Happy listening! See you in radio-land.

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