Sarah White at the Jefferson, Order and more at the Tea House

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Two big shows tonight, unfortunately happening more-or-less at the same time, but they both came together in a sort of haphazard manner, so what can you do? Anyhow, I think they’re both going to be quite worthwhile. Here’s the deal:

Neko Case was originally supposed to play at the Jefferson tonight, but she canceled her entire fall tour, citing exhaustion — kind of understandable, as it seems she’s been touring more or less non-stop all year long. Anyhow, Sarah White was originally scheduled to play an after-party for that show, and with Case’s cancellation, someone made the wise decision to just go ahead and have Sarah White and the Pearls headline the show at the Jefferson tonight. So, that’s kind of awesome. Plus, the ticket price is a mere $5, which is certainly an incentive, especially for a venue that size. Even if you’re bummed about the cancellation of the Neko Case show, I urge you to go to the Jefferson tonight anyway; Sarah White is every bit as good (if not better). The opening act is Audra Mae; I don’t know too much about her music, but apparently she’s Judy Garland’s grand-niece, for whatever that’s worth. Sarah says “She’s from Oklahoma, Susan Boyle covered one of her songs, and she’s an up-and-coming chanteuse.” Doors are at 8pm, the show starts at 9, and the Pearls are due to hit the stage at 10:00.

I’d certainly be there myself, were it not for my obligation to help out with other show in town tonight, which looks equally awesome. It was originally scheduled to be a house-party show, with Order, Drunk Tigers and a Breeders cover band (?). Over the last few days, everything got shuffled around; the house backed out of hosting the show, Philadelphia noise-rock band Drums Like Machine Guns lost their Richmond gig and I added them to the bill here, and everything got moved over to the Tea Bazaar. SO, here’s the final line-up:

Order (of the Dying Orchid), central VA’s largest employer of itinerant rock musicians, whose current line-up (I think) includes sole founding member and t-shirt legend Thomas Dean, Rich from WhateverBrains, Adam Smith from the Invisible Hand, Matt Leech who runs Funny/Not Funny, and I’m sure at least one or two other people. They probably still have copies of their excellent new 12″ “Wild Order”, their first full-length LP in almost 10 years of being a band. They are an awesome and sweaty, beer-soaked maelstrom of energetically messy punk rock every time they play, and they are worth the ticket price alone.

Also on the bill is Drunk Tigers, Charlottesville’s own contemporary college-radio heroes, playing cryptic/anthemic indie-rock of the Replacements / Hüsker Dü variety. They also put out a record recently (a split cassette with Andrew Cedermark), and are hard at work on even more new material (sample lyric: “in the summer, with the students gone / getting shitfaced in the sun”), which presumably they’ll be road-testing this evening. Like Order, they are one of those bands best seen in a small, sweaty venue with beer and your friends, so the Tea House tonight is the perfect spot for them.

Drums Like Machine Guns are a straight-up noise act — fold-up card table covered in pedals, you know the drill (or should). They’ve got a good enough reputation that I had heard excellent things about them before I even realized they had local connections — they’re buddies of Gray from Red Wizard, who put them in touch with us to get them on the bill, and apparently some of them used to live in Richmond? Anyhow they’re based out of Philly now; I’m been really in the mood for noise music the past few weeks, so I’m psyched about them being able to play this gig tonight.

The fourth band is Heavy Medical, about whom I know nothing other than that they’re on tour with DrumsLikeetc. Their myspace page indicates a sound that is much more rock-based, but equally aggressive and heavy — it should be a pretty good fit. It’s been a while since we had a truly heavy show at the Tea Bazaar, so I’m super-stoked about this evening.

Things are gonna get started as close to 8:30 as possible, and I have no idea what the cover charge is gonna be.  I probably should know, since I think I’m gonna be the door guy, but that’s something we’re gonna figure out when I get there. For now, let’s just say $5? $5 sounds good. Until further notice, that is the price. Get there early, we’re trying to squeeze in four bands before midnight, and you don’t wanna miss any of them.

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