NEW Bridge Fest + Dance Party

July 31st, 2010 · 3 Comments · By

A big crazy last-minute thing is brewing!

Amissville’s Old Bridge Festival got canned due to something with the cops or something? I dunno. Anyway, I’m attempting to rescue as many of the touring bands as possible and give them a good fun show tonight. I hereby declare the first (and probably only ever) NEW Bridge Festival!

This will happen at 7PM (really 7PM!) at, where else, The Bridge PAI, at 7PM. The show will happen at 7PM.

Bands who are currently on board include Quiet Hooves from Athens — who I saw at Whartscape last week and they were a lot of fun! — and Bird Names from Chicago, who I’ve actually been trying to get to come here for a while so this is, like, totally fortuitous and shit! Maybe also Natural Child, who played last night and were awesome/hilarious/rocking! I don’t really know yet who else is showing up. We’ll see. Just come hang out, okay? {UPDATE: Looks like the line-up is now just Quiet Hooves and Rhythm Bandit!  should still be really awesome.  Quiet Hooves are a) some guys from Dark Meat, and b) a band who knows how to play the entirety of Prince’ “Dirty Mind,” which endears them to me significantly. — James}

This will happen at 7PM. I will try to shake you down for whatever money you have for the bands. You may resist. I may persist.

This will be followed by the regularly scheduled huge big dance party, curated by Sarah Lawson. This is going to feature a bunch of WTJU DJs, including, Charles Marx, Ming the Merciless, Brian Chidester, Steev, and Nailgun’s own DJ Hummingbird Feeder. From what I understand, the dance party is going to blast off around 9PM and go late into the night.

In summation, The Bridge is the place to be tonight. 7PM.

{UPDATE James adds: “here’s Sarah’s awesome poster for the dance party!”}

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  • 1 Jacob // Jul 31, 2010 at 7:08 pm

    Okay, so after many changes, it looks like it’ll just be Quiet Hooves and Rhythm Bandit tonight… so, in fact, despite my earlier insistence, things will kick off more like 8pm.

  • 2 James // Jul 31, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    so, you know how this looks like a big crazy intimidating event that jumped up at the last second? it’s not. it’s not a big-deal festival that you should worry about how it’s gonna go or what the line-up is or whatever.

    here’s what it is: a fun dance party with your friends, which now also has 2 bands playing at it as a bonus thing. come hang out!

  • 3 James // Aug 1, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    maaaaaaaan that was so much fun. everyone played swell sets; we even got Rick and Mike Krueger to dance! many thanks to Sarah and Jacob for making it all happen.

    I’m still trying to reconstruct some of the events of last evening through a thick haze of gin & sweat… Dom reminded me about about the incident where I was convinced I had lost my records, only to realize I had actually just left them at home; ran up the street to grab them, and then ended up doing a set which did not actually involve any vinyl records at all. Amanda then reminded me of my hilarious hiccuping attack around 3am, which I had forgotten about entirely. I remember deciding to eat something, and attempting to make Huevos Rancheros, although I have no memory of actually eating it. Woke up this morning to discover I had put my underwear on inside-out and backwards.