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There’s a show tonight I’m really excited about; a lot of the details have shifted over the past few weeks, but I still think it’s gonna be a strong show and I encourage you to come check it out. It’s gonna be a house show, and amidst much shifting around, the final line-up appears to be:  Hell-Kite, Pigeon Religion, Rhythm Bandit, Myceum, and Myths.  Get in touch with us if you want directions; (more details below).

Hell-Kite and Pigeon Religion are the two touring acts; you may remember Hell-Kite from the tour she did with Stephen Steinbrink a little over a year ago, during which they played no fewer than six shows here in town (mostly excellent ones, too). I also wrote up one of her EPs as one of my 9½ favorite records of last year. Ann-Marie’s music is both sparse and obtuse, and also hypnotically beautiful, and occasionally sort of compellingly scary, and is totally amazing and well worth hearing. I’ve often compared it to early Cat Power (think “Back of Your Head” or “Good Clean Fun”) filtered through the sensibilities of Jandek. You can download a song of hers here, or watch a clip of her performing here.

Pigeon Religion are, likewise, from Arizona, and I think Ann-Marie is in that band too (if memory serves, Stephen played with them for a while as well, as did their tourmate James “Glochids” Roehmer. No clue who’s in the lineup tonight.) While I’ve heard the band’s name often, I’m actually not very familiar with their material; they appear to be purveying some sort of artsy sludge/grind/crust material, reminiscent of early Butthole Surfers. Jacob has also told me tales of their long-running and often hilarious feud with the Phoenix New Times, which seems to confirm their status as provocateurs in the grand Buttholian tradition. For a State that many of us may think of as being a John McCain-electing, Hispanic-harassing desert and cultural void, it’s reassuring to know there’s plenty of weirdos making fucked-up countercultural noise over there, and you can come sample some of that this evening.

Rounding out the bill are Dylan Mulshine’s Rhythm Bandit project, about which much has been written in these pages. Dylan’s one of our current favorites, and he does swell solo set with a loop pedal, keyboard, and single Tom drum. Suffice to say, a Rhythm Bandit show is almost always far better in person than it might sound if I described it to you on paper. His best shows are the ones where he stick to the core of the material, rather than engaging in juvenile antics, and considering that the show tonight is (I believe) at his house, I’m not sure quite which one to expect. But I’ve never seen a RB performance that I didn’t enjoy, so I’m psyched to hear him tonight as well.

Apparently Snack Truck and Antlers were going to be playing at one point, but for whatever reason (unknown to me), they’ve dropped off the bill; that’s too bad, but there’s still plenty to see and hear and I think it’ll be a swell time.  I’ve just heard yesterday that Scott Ritchie’ Myceum project will rear its thoughtful head again this evening; Scott does super-solid, admirably credible drone-work with two keyboard and a shoebox full of pedals, and I always really enjoy hear him play. I think he’s only done one show in the past few months, at the Experimental Showcase (there’s a review in here somewhere if you scroll down a bit). Actually, I’m just glad that a) we even have a drone artist in Charlottesville, and b) that it’s someone as awesome and talented as Scott. So he’ll be playing too, which is great.

Dylan texted me yesterday to mention that “I just got myths on the bill (ex mutators!!!!) House show fo realz.” So I guess that means Myths is playing as well. Actually, I don’t know a single thing about Myths OR the Mutators (or is it “Ex-Mutators”? ’cause that would be awesome…), but I’m just basically assuming that’s Richmond thing?  No offense intended, I just honestly have no idea what goes on in Richmond.  Charlottesville is my beat; RVA’s a bit outside the personal jurisdiction. But Dylan seems excited about it, and maybe many of our readers are too. Every bill needs a wild card, so: heck yeah! Tonight I will find out about Myths.

SO, now you are asking: where is this show happening? Well, it’s a house show, so I don’t wanna give away the address publicly and set the fun police on our trail and get everyone pudhaused, so here’s the deal: contact someone from Nailgun and ask them where it is, and we’ll tell you.  Or just ask your friends/acquaintances, if they already know. It’s near a prominent commercial intersection in Charlottesville, and I think the house has a big magnolia tree in the front yard. That’s all I can say. But I do hope to see y’all this evening; there’s been a lot of awesome shows already this week, and I’m excited to keep the momentum going.

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  • 1 Jacob // Jul 22, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    This show still really really needs a PA!! Get in touch with Dylan (musicmakingmachine at gmail dot com) if you can help.

  • 2 Jacob // Jul 22, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    Update on the PA situation — Apparently, appropriately, the old Pudhouse PA (!) has been culled for use at the show tonight. All is well! Rock out everybody!

  • 3 rj // Jul 22, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    Is there going to be another one of those Cville Experimental Showcases happening in the Fall? The last one was great.

  • 4 Jacob // Jul 23, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    RJ : Yes, in late September. Exact date and lineup still TBA!

  • 5 James // Jul 23, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    man, that show was kinda great. Myceum started things off nicely; wasn’t really feeling the first 5 minutes, but for the last 10 I was pretty much hypnotized into complete stupification.

    the Rhythm Bandit set was, it must be said, not his best; started off with promise as Dylan messed about with some squiggly intermittent bloops, but soon devolved into breaking shit, climbing on a piano, and running away from the venue…

    Myths were a sweet surprise. They are not at all from Richmond, as I had falsely assumed — in fact they are from Vancouver, BC. They turned out to be two nice girls (who kind of looked like tiny Gilda Radners); they had a mixer, a sequencer, a mic each, a strobe light each, and two blacklights, and they proceeded to dance around like maniacs and shriek rhythmically along with some super-heavy distorted beats. things it reminded me of include: Animental, Mu, Prurient, Black Eyes, Kathleen Hanna, and Atari Teenage Riot. I wasn’t really expecting a powernoise dance party, but I always like that kind of thing, so it was a pleasant surprise.

    Hell-Kite turned out to be playing with a full band (essentially Ann and three of the four other members of PigRelig, including James from Glochids). It was seriously fucking awesome, and sort of even better than I expected. They were laying down some seriously heavy stoner doom-rock riffs, and it somehow ended up being the perfect compliment to Ann-Marie’s songs; I dunno, maybe it’s b/c I know those songs already, but I was sort of shocked by how well it all came together.

    After the addition of one member and some quick instrument-switcheroos, they plowed right into the Pigeon Religion set, which was similarly heavy and poundingly transcendent; they seem to have exchanged the excellent songs for sweet breakdowns and solid fucking doom-rock musical arrangement, and it was pretty cathartically awesome.

    SO: all in all it was a sweet way to catch three amazing out of town bands and two well-liked locals. That said, that house sort of needs to get some shit together if they’re going to be doing shows there regularly (as I believe they plan to do); taking care of things like securing a PA beforehand, remembering to collect door money, and making sure the bands get paid would all go a long way towards making things run more smoothly in the future…