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Well, tonight looks like another one of those evenings where absolutely everyone decided to throw an event; I’ll try to write them up in loosely chronological order, although they do overlap — so a bit of leap-frogging around MAY be possible, but you’ll have to time it well…

First off, there’s a WTJU community support rally over at Random Row Books. You may have been following the struggles over at the station; after Monday’s meeting, things are actually looking pretty promising, but the hard part still lies ahead of us. The efforts to ruin the station have now been put on hold, but it still remains to be seen what changes will take place, and what the station will look like a year from now.  I’m proud to say that that plan will involve a lot of support and input from the volunteers and the community; tonight seems like a pretty good time/place to get started on that. Things are starting at Random Row at 5:oopm, and there will be DJing by Rum Cove and Colin Powell, as well as live music by the Invisible Hand, Barling & Collins, Peter Richardson, and more! (If you have any more info about this event, please leave it in the comments.) It’s supposed to run until 9pm, although it may go late. {UPDATE: Adam says they’re actually playing at 3pm? Seriously, does ANYONE have any info on what’s going on at the rally? Trying to get info about this has been like pulling teeth.}

Next up, there’s a rock show at The Bridge, the first proper rock show there in over a year, I believe. Brad Perry put it together; it’ll feature his band Worn in Red, as well as a newer band called Sharkopath from the whole Cosmonaut’s / Fingerpainters / Narwhal / Tapeworms axis of Cville bands. There’s also two out-of-town acts; After Colony from Palmyra, VA and GRIDS from North Carolina. That one starts at 8pm sharp and will probably run until 10ish; the cover charge is $5, and I told Brad I would be the door-guy, so if you come to that show then I’ll probably see you there.

Thirdly, the Love Language and Drunk Tigers are playing at the Southern; Gary has a whole write-up on the Love Language here, and you can check out Parisi’s totally sweet (if only partly intelligible) poster for the event here. Doors are at 8pm, so show at 9, presumably? Matt says Adam and Thomas will be DJing before and after the bands; I’m not exactly sure how they’re going to be doing that and playing in Invisible Hand over at Random Row at the same time, but I’m sure they’ll figure something out. The cover charge is $10 at the door.

Last but not least, D Charles Speer is playing at The Box! You can read Dominic’s write-up of the show (and my review of Speer’s new EP with the late Jack Rose) in the post below this one. Zack Orion (formerly of Casa de Chihuahua, currently known as the best street musician in town) missed his gig at the Tea Bazaar two nights ago, so he’s making up for it by opening the show at The Box tonight. That should start around 10:30 or later, and there’s no cover charge (although it is 21+).

Phew! That sounds like a full evening. I myself am going to finish my 10-hour shift at work, then head over to help out at The Bridge, after which I’ll mostly likely go home and collapse and continue my week of horrible illness. BUT I wish all of our reads the best in their endeavors, whichever shows they will end up attending this evening.

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  • 1 adam // Jul 16, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    uummmm….as far as we know,, the Hand is playing at 3pm this afternoon sharp…
    so if we gonna go out there and rock…i hope some folks can make it…