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More and more folks keep asking me what’s up with WTJU… well, the answers are still unclear. Here’s what’s been happening since we last updated y’all about it:

• The C-Ville has a feature story about it this week, by the esteemable Andrew Cedermark;

• the University has started a forum where you can provide your feedback about the best ways to improve the station. It’s a questionnaire, and it kind of asks the same questions over and over again… but at least they’re soliciting our opinions, so it’s worth filling out;

• seeking to provide a more open forum for discussion, Tyler has once again stepped up to the plate and created an open messageboard for WTJU volunteers, listeners, supporters, and community members, which can be found here;

• Tyler’s Save WTJU blog continues to be a valuable source of info as this whole scenario continues to unfold;

• a WTJU alum named Aaron (whom I believe I met at a BBQ last month; he calls my show every now and then) has a created a google group for former WTJU volunteers

• there are plenty of meetings going on amongst various volunteers and departments; we are working towards various plans of action, and will continue to try to keep you all informed and let you know what you can do to help.

For those still catching up, my initial posts on the WTJU crisis are here (long version) and here (short version).

Also, I’ll be on the air tonight from 11pm-1am, subbing in for DJ Law on Aunt Beast’s Radio Theatre. You should tune in!

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