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Three great bands are playing tonight at the Box:

Nurse Beach are one of Charlottesville’s own, featuring members of Bear War, Buffalo Wildwing, Tyger & the Lamb, St. Gods, etc etc….their style was coined by James as “proto new-wave scuzz” last time around, but I would argue that with their Dolarhyde aesthetic, they lean more towards “proto new-wave nü-meat scuzz.” I would say if you like Liars you’ll probably like this band. Also, here’s their entire set from the last time they played the Box.

Night and the City appear to be a relatively new act and are from Washington, DC (their myspace clues me in to both of these things). Apparently their first show was actually a little over a month ago. The one mp3 they have up there sounds pretty sweet; I definitely get an Afghan Whigs circa Gentlemen vibe from one of the singers, and I wish I could see them tonight, so see them for me in all of the ways that I can’t.

Fangs Out are a two-piece from Toledo, OH that play pretty minimal, groove heavy “scuzz”-y stuff. The Box is a evidently a good home for scuzz. I can see the influence of Alison Mosshart in Samantha Wandtke’s vocals for this band, and though I despise The Kills, I actually enjoy Fangs Out a great deal. Both this band and Night and the City are on Etxe Records, so take a look at that label if you’re into either of these two bands.

This show starts at 10:30, has NO cover ($0), and is 21+. C’mon bape. $0.

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  • 1 James // Jun 30, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    wow, that show was pretty fucking awesome. at first I planned to head over later & just catch Nurse Beach, but it proved to be too unbearably hot in my house, so I went to The Box early… and I’m glad I did.

    Night and the City were an excellent surprise; they’re a fairly new band, a 5-piece if I recall (with three folks sharing alternating vocal duties, Sonic Youth-style); their first song was sort of Hüsker Dü-ish, and the rest fell somewhere near the territory of driving, energetic art-rock that reminded me of the non-twee parts of the C86 movement; maybe something like The Fall or the Wedding Present or the Pastels or McCarthy or something. Their last song was an epic, shoegazery, dreamy guitar-noise flare-out ballad, it started out pretty Cedermarky but ended up squarely in PsychoCandy territory; it was really fucking great. They were perhaps a little sloppy at times, but that can be easily forgiven due to the fact that a) they’re a new band, b) it sounded great anyway, and c) I later found out that their drummer couldn’t make the show, and the drummer from Fangs Out had to fill in instead. Anyway, they’re a DC based band so hopefully we’ll hear more from them around these parts very soon.

    Fangs Out were cool as well, although Night and the City proved a tough act to follow. but they definitely put on a solid show; it was pretty stripped-down driving meat&potatoes rock awesomeness. The singer/frontwoman definitely reminded me of PJ Harvey, or maybe even very early Hole (before Courtney Love became the most embarassing person in the world… i.e. 1992 or so). At some point they switched instruments, which I thought might just be for a fun encore-switcheroo; but they it turns out they did the whole second half of their set that way, and actually it was a significant improvement. Definitely a different sound (in the same ballpark), and it was kind of amusing to see the big hefty drummer guy picking out delicate guitar lines while the much smaller chick played drums and continued to sing lead (I definitely don’t think I’ve ever seen someone do the tough frontwoman/drummer thing simultaneously… actually, I can’t think of ANY female drummer/singers apart from Georgia from YLT… Boredoms, maybe?) bought their record but haven’t listened to it yet.

    Nurse Beach have grown by leaps and bounds since I last saw them a few months ago (which was in fact their most recent show, and their first with Kevin on drums). They’ve eliminated the drum machine and the guitar entirely, and now it’s just heavy driving drums, sturdy bass, spooky keyboard loops and screaming. It was a really, really solid set, much heavier and more raw and pleasingly artsy-aggro than anything else I’ve heard from these folks in their various other bands… Nurse Beach has definitely become a band I’m super-psyched to hear more from in the future.