Updates on the state of Charlottesville, including WTJU

June 25th, 2010 · No Comments · By

Well, that sure was a heck of a storm yesterday evening. There is some debate about whether it was a tornado or a microburst; all I know is that the screens got blown off my windows, the chimney on top of my house collapsed, and we were without power for about 13 or 14 hours. Most of downtown was out, too, from when the storm hit (5 or 6ish?) through about midnight or 1am.  Eppie’s, the Tea Bazaar, and the C&O were some of the few downtown locations that weren’t totally dark, and the Box had a generator, so last night’s shows and celebrations were able to continue, with some last-minute alterations of course…

I’m told everything on the West side of town is basically a disaster area, or at least it looked that way last night. Cvillenews.com has some amazing first-hand stories. WTJU has lost power (and apparently suffered some damage or blockage from a fallen tree) and is off the air; likewise, all of UVa’s websites and mailing lists are also down (emergency info is available here), so nobody actually knows what‘s going on except for some informal phone-tree activity among the DJs. (Jordan and I were supposed to do a show at Noon today, but obviously that didn’t happen).  I’ve also heard from my mother (who works at UVA) that 1) WTJU’s power has been rediverted to the Hospital — a priority that I’m sure even the most dedicated WTJU listener can agree with — and 2) that it’s possible the station will be down through the weekend, which totally sucks.

So, contrary to what some of you may be assuming… no this has nothing to do with the current controversial changes taking place at the station; although we can perhaps deduce from the fact that this took place during the stationwide meeting that perhaps Zeus disapproves of Burr Beard’s plans for the station.

It seems like cleanup is underway around town. Here’s a list of things that are closed today. Feel free to add your own sightings in the comments. About to head over to Vinegar Hill to re-open things the today, and do some cleanup on the messy situation we were left with then the power went out in the middle of a show yesterday. I’m assuming the Invisible Hand show tonight is still proceeding as planned; should have a post up about that soon…

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