Eternal Summers, Andrew Cedermark & Buffalo Wildwing, Family Trees, and Greenland played the Tea Bazaar (videos)

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I’m going to go in backwards order for this one.

Eternal Summers were the last band performing this past Friday night, and though they’re only a two-piece, they brought an astounding amount of energy to the Tea Bazaar. “Able To” seems to be their signature song, and I fortunately took a video of them playing it:

Andrew & BWW were before that. “Moon Deluxe,” “Hard Livin'” and “Ad Infinitum” were all there, and even “Lookin’ for a Boswell” (from the Drunk Tigers/AC&BWW split) made an appearance. Here they are playing the waltz-y “Anchorite” from the upcoming LP:

Andrew Cedermark & Buffalo Wild Wing “Anchorite” from Gary Canino on Vimeo.

Brooklyn’s Family Trees were the first band I saw (meaning, yes, I missed Greenland), and I could immediately discern that they liked the Beach Boys (I don’t think they have a single song that doesn’t feature some kind of crazy vocal harmony). Also of note, this show was apparently a homecoming for drummer Amanda Finn. Here is the band playing their song “Under the Sun”:

Family Trees “Under the Sun” from Gary Canino on Vimeo.

The end.

ps. Also, on a totally unrelated note, Carlton James & the Callous Singers Strangers (featuring ex/current/ex Truman Sparks member Jon Hampton on bass) are playing at Blue Moon Diner tonight. I’m assuming that will start around 8/9pm, not sure if there’s a cover. {EDIT: James says “Blue Moon Shows typically start at 8pm, and are always free!“} See you there!

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