Mario Montez: extravagent queer art films from the 60’s at The Bridge tonight

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There’s a film screening at The Bridge tonight which looks awesome; you may remember when they screened Jose Rodriguez Soltero’s film “Lupe” last summer; it was the surprise highlight of the season, a gorgeous 16mm print with lush red colors, and an indelible performance by Mario Montez (in drag) as Lupe Valez. It was so good the Bridge staff watched it a second time after the screenign was over. Inspired by this success, The Bridge is doing a whole night of films starring Montez.

Bridge folks say: “Mario Montez graced first the Bridge screen last June in Jose Rodriquez Soltero’s Lupe, wooing the film crew with his vintage cocktail dresses, laconic humor and gorgeous white cat. This May 20th at 8pm, we’ll give him the top billing he deserves. When Jack Smith discovered him he was “Rene Rivera”, a Puerto-Rican postal worker living in Manhattan. Taking his name in homage to the Dominican actress Maria Montez, he first appeared on screen in Jack Smith’s “Flaming Creatures” (1962-63). Later he became Andy Warhol’s first drag superstar, starring in more than ten of his films. Montez was also a favorite of underground theater, appearing regularly in Theatre of the Ridiculous productions by Charles Ludlam, Ronald Tavel and John Vaccaro.”

I’m not sure exactly which films are on the bill; I know they had some difficulty securing a few expensive Warhol prints from the tight-fingered MoMA library … is it possible they’ll be bringing “Flaming Creatures” back a second time? Heck I wouldn’t mind seeing “Lupe” a third time, myself.  Or anthing else by Jack Smith, or maybe some totally unknown gems from that era (?) … Either way, it’ll be a pretty awesome way to cap off a gorgeous summer day; besides it’s the only event in town tonight!  8pm at The Bridge PAI, $5 suggested donation.

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