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We are happy to award Eric Wuestewald two tickets to the 5/31 Of Montreal show at The Jefferson. Eric sent us this commendable series of haikus:

A Series of Haikus for Of Montreal:

1. On Dancing
I, graduate of
an awful economy,
just want to funk out.

2. The Spectacle
I would also like
to cover myself in paint
and body glitter.

3. Furthermore,
Kevin Barnes is sexy.
He makes me want to love men
Even though I do not.

Yes, we are aware “Kevin Barnes is sexy” is actually a six syllable line but we did not think it supplied strong enough ground to disqualify Mr. Wuestewald since he wrote two additional haikus in proper form. In a close second place: Mr. Tim Skirven. He sent us this:

kevin barnes, shirtless
he is no equestrian
but he is a horse.

Third Place goes to Amanda Hare for this one:

‘Roo dehydration,
Missed the tranny spectacle.
A second chance, please?

And after the jump, you may peruse all of the entries we received. Thank you for participating! Have fun at the show, Eric!

because music is blissful
instant and divine
in all its forms, of all kinds
-Matthew Dunlap

music, love it all
genera limits be damned
i dream of montreal
-Jordan Riddick

Kevin Barnes came black
Georgie Fruit in a flesh suit
Hold a Gibson SG
-Zak Krone (this one was well-liked but disqualified due to the sixth syllable in the third line.)

The gay parade comes
to you for twenty five clams
Alas, I have three…
-Zak Krone

Infused with promise
Ma petite patisserie
Full Of Montreal
-B. Rex

drinking far too much,
bank account is now empty.
i take donations.
-Anne Cheatham

Of Montreal Made Me Do It
listening to them,
i lost my virginity–
to another dude
-Adam Brock

Of Montreal Sucks.
I do not deserve to win,
but will anyway.
-Phillip Green (hubris, Mr. Green, hubris.)

Did you see the show?
No, really, I’m in the band.
Yeah, there was a bass.
-Phillip Green

God lord, she’s ugly!
But fuck being a virgin.
Pass me some more beer…
-Phillip Green

Maybe you’re pretty,
but your radiance blinds me,
whenever I check.
-Phillip Green

outside a man talks
loud about basketball and
alcoholic juice
-Ashley Florence

dancing to hissing
fauna water is boiling
hooray mac and cheese
-Becky Reid

Penniless, no ticket in my pocket
Got music in my soul
Wicked Wisdom on the brain
-Courtney Hildebrand

oh kevin, please feel
free to disconnect my dots
anytime you want
-Amanda Phillips

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