ORDER release madness at Random Row, plus glam rock at the Tea Bazaar, AND and a Caninos show at UVa! AND an after-party!

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The big event tonight is the LP release party for ORDER; their full-length album, shelved for years, is finally seeing the light of day on a new Cville-based label called Creature Feature records, run by Nailgun Media’s own Sarah Carr. Sarah’s asked a ton of awesome local artists (including Jeremy Taylor and Allyson Mellberg, Matt Pamer, Elaine Butcher, Dylan Mulshine and Sarah Webb) to contribute “Creature from the Black Lagoon”-themed art to display at the release party, and in addition to Order, there’s three other sweet bands on the bill: Ultra Dolphins, The Alphabet, and Bride of the Narwhal!

If you’ve heard of Order, you’re probably planning on going to this show already; if not: Order are an artsy post-hardcore type band who started up in Harrisonburg over 10 years ago; they were originally called Order of the Dying Orchid (which I thought was a great band name, even though the Onion made fun of it, and reportedly most of the band members hate the name too)… Their line-up has undergone complete changeover several times during their long and respectable run (I believe Thomas Dean may be their only consistent member, but I might be wrong about that) … they currently have about 8 band members scattered across the Commonwealth, and many former/current members of the band are now playing in acts like Invisible Hand, WhateverBrains, American Tourist, etc. They still get back together every now and then to play some crazy-ass parties. Order were playing a whole bunch right when I moved back to town, and it was a really exciting and fun thing to see happen; to be honest, their shows are such overwhelmingly crazy bouts of drunken mayhem that even though I’ve seen them a dozen times, I often can’t really form a clear picture of what they sounded like, precisely… but I do know I’ve always enjoyed hearing them play.

Anyway, the show tonight is at Random Row Books (which means there won’t be any alcohol there… if that’s your thing, you might wanna pre-game somewhere downtown). It starts around 9 or 9:30ish, the cover is $7 OR free with the purchase of a $15 record; the first 25 record purchasers get a free T.Dean T-shirt; I saw the mock-ups yesterday and they look pretty sweet. (“stanky neon for summertime” was Thomas’ explanation).  There’s also gonna be n after-party at Sarah’s house downtown, which I’ll be DJing.

If awesome crazy hardcore is not your thing, there’s two other gigs tonight; at the Tea Bazaar, there’s a band called  Jukebox The Ghost; Jacob says: “they’re a somewhat ‘radio friendly’ compared to what we normally write about, but I played a show with them a couple years ago with the Extraordinaires and they’re a really genuinely great live act — sort of a Queen/Ben Folds/Bowie amalgamation. And Red Satellites open. Should be a good show, just unfortunate that we have to go head to head with the Order show!”

There’s yet another show tonight which may be of interest; Gary explains: Caninos are playing a Human Rights Festival afterparty, as well as Richmond’s Kid Memory, followed by the soundscapes of DJ Yours Truly, at 7 University Court. Here are directions: University Court is between 14th and 15th Street almost to Virginia Avenue. Its a row of houses that don’t face a street. #7 is the second one in from 15th Street. 

Listen for the music! It’ll start around 10:30, there will be kegs, and it’s free.”

Sounds like a swell bunch of opportunities this evening. There’s some awesome stuff coming up tomorrow night too, so whatever you do tonight you may want to save some energy for that!

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  • 1 Kevin // Apr 16, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    You should write a book on order ; -) they sound like true legends!

  • 2 Matt // Apr 16, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    Besides the points against it for making fun of Order, that AV Club piece has some amazing gems in it… The Dead Kenny Gs, for instance.