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Sadly the rock marathon is over. I hope you had a chance to make a donation. I made my small contribution during the West Coast show featuring “Pillar of Salt” by The Thermals, who happen to be performing at The Southern tonight.  It was through The Thermals that I discovered The Wipers, one of their primary influences. They’re frenetic and fun although some lyrical content makes me uneasy because it comes off a little too zealous from an indeterminate perspective. Opener Past Lives is an Ex-Blood Brothers band from Seattle. Like The Thermals, The Blood Brothers represent a point of introduction to me and through them I discovered many bands I grew to love very, very much. I don’t know much about the third band on the bill: The Coathangers. They’re from Georgia and have received a lot of hype from the revered sources of hype such as Vice and Pitchfork. This looks like a good time. Doors are at 8 and it’s $12 a head.

Last night the Sublime cover band Badfish played at The Jefferson. Credible sources told me they clear a million dollars a year from touring and merch. Does anyone else think that is totally fucking crazy? I had no idea people are holding on to Sublime like that. And tonight the Jeff hosts Led Zeppelin cover band Zoso. They tout themselves as THE ULTIMATE LED ZEPPELIN EXPERIENCE. At least their concept of a tribute makes more sense, what with “Misty Mountain Hop” being one of the greatest cultural contributions of the 20th century. On a side note, the whole cover band schtick reminds me of Harmony Korine’s Mister Lonely and Chuck Klosterman’s essay Appetite for Replication, which is partially set in Harrisonburg. You can preview it here as I can’t seem to find the full-length online.

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  • 1 Bartley // Apr 15, 2010 at 12:31 am

    No way Badfish clears 1 million, assuming you mean clears as in that’s what their net take on a year would be. I would bet they can easily gross a million though. 200 shows a year at 5 grand a show is 1 million right there. Not a bad year’s work even if they only keep half after management and booking agent’s cut (that’s 30% right there or so together), another 20% on van/bus costs, fuel, hotels, etc and you’re looking at over 100K a guy per year. I’d take it.

  • 2 Jacob // Apr 15, 2010 at 10:52 am

    If they play enough big college gigs, then maybe… those are the real cash cows. Blowing my mind. Ugh.

  • 3 Steve Snider // Apr 15, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    That’s probably more than Sublime made, or at least more than their singer saw before he died in ’96.