Triple bill @ the Garage / experimental Bridge PAI show

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Greetings. I’m not even in Charlottesville now, but I couldn’t resist talking about this Garage show. This is a triple bill, folks.

Pompadour, hot off winning the PKG Battle of the Bands, is easily one of my new favorite Charlottesville bands. With dual male/female vocals, very jangly guitar parts, fascinating drum patterns and utilitarian bass figures, each of the four members brings an equal amount of greatness to the table. They’re the kind of group that has a confident, fully realized sound, and can impress a room (or tonight, an outdoors room) full of people right away. Pompadour is now recording with ex-Gwar/Sarah White and the Pearls/History of Rock professor/didn’t-even-need-this-introduction Michael Bishop, and as he pointed out as a judge of the Battle of the Bands “that guitar tone!!!” I dropped the ball with getting video footage of them online, but I handed it over what I took to The University of Virginia Magazine, so that will hopefully be online soon.

Now, for Left and Right. I will give you full disclosure about them straight off: I am in a band with two of the guys in this band. But hey, with an objective look at their music, it really is great stuff. Their debut, These Were Our Homes, pulls off the dual-singer songwriter thing pretty well, in a very Boecker/Krug-ian way, in that their voices/songwriting can sound totally at ends sometimes, but the feeling between each song is the same. They are definitely influenced by “indie-rock,” and though I despise that term/genre, it actually makes sense for this band. Left and Right bonds well with that fine template that “indie-rock” acts from the ’90s have left us (such as Pavement, Built to Spill, Smog). However, they use it for all that is good, and not for evil like, say, any of the derivative nu-Pitchfork bands like Cymbals Eat Guitars or something. Try to see them if you can. Zak Krone, their drummer, filmed their entire last set at the Tea Bazaar:

Left and Right at the Tea Bazaar from zachary krone on Vimeo.

As for Andrew Cedermark, I’ll keep it simple: the man knows how to write a tune. There is the perennial mystery as to whether or not he’ll be playing with his band, Buffalo Wild Wing, tonight (which features nailgunmedia’s own Kevyle Canino and estranged brother/flutist Jacobi Cedermark), but if band-less, expect a few new songs and some covers, and if with-band, expect to hear old classics. Or, expect both. Here’s a video of him last time he played the Garage, solo:

As for the show tonight at the Bridge, James says:

Gregory Whitehead, who’s a noise musician / sound artist / post-modern composer etc. He was supposed to play during Audio March, but he had to reschedule due to illness…(recently picked up a noise cassette comp from 1990 on which he appears, along with Merzbow et al.)

Also appearing at Bridge are Mark Fulton & Scott Ritchie (aka the rhythm section of the Raquellos), doing live experimental electronic soundtracks to classic pieces of sci-fi radio dramas from the early 20th c. Scott is also a noisy keyboardist/performer in his solo project Myceum and with Armageddon Community Roundtable.

Sounds like a damn good Saturday. Enjoy these shows in all of the ways that I can’t.

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  • 1 James // Apr 11, 2010 at 11:41 am

    Gary wrote this post Saturday afternoon, but due to a combination of technical and organizational difficulties, it didn’t see print until right now… it looked like both shows yesterday had healthy-sized crowds regardless, but we send our apologies to those who didn’t find out until now. Sorry folks! Lots going on this weekend, we’re sprinting to catch up.