a Bike party, a mellow Rock show, AND a Sweet Dance Party!

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It’s another busy Friday in Charlottesville! The three most promising events are a Bicycle-Zine Launch Party at The Bridge, the concert at The Southern, and a swell-looking dance party at the Tea Bazaar!

First up: the local Kickstand zine will launch it’s second issue with a swell-looking reception at The Bridge PAI!  Shell tells me the event will feature a Bike Bell Chorus, Readings from the Zine, Wendy Hsu and assorted musicians from the Hz Collective making Noise with Bicycles, storytelling from the folks at Secretly Y’all, some bike-related crafts, snacks, and possibly even a Scavenger Hunt (I’m assuming that one will depend on the weather…) That all sounds pretty amazing. It starts at 6pm and continues until it ends, and it’s free! (though I presume they’re charging for the zine itself).

Secondly, there’s a show at The Southern tonight; it’s the second appearance by the newly-reformed Hill & Wood — essentially it’s still Sam’s songs, but with a whole new six-piece backing band. I saw them test things out at The Garage last week, and it was really nice; they’re aiming hard for that mid-60’s Dylan / Al Kooper sound, and it lends a nice touch to Sam’s utterly sincere and likeably simple songwriting. Sharing the bill is DBB Plays Cups; in addition to the Garage show last week, they also played a great set at the Tea Bazaar last night. That time the lineup included Andrew Cedermark and Max Dreyer accompanying David on guitars, with usual suspect Taylor Harless on bass. The simple, guitar-centric lineup, and trio of vocal harmonies (on some well-rehearsed new songs) made it probably the best DBB show I’ve seen in a year. Tonight they’ll also be joined on the drums by John Ruscher, founder of Nailgun Media and current proprietor of EarDrumNYC, who’s back in town for the weekend. Also on the bill is Old Calf, the folk duo of Ned Oldham and Matty Metcalf. It’s $8, doors are at 8pm, and I’ve just found out there’s a special after-party (presumably around midnight-ish) with PantherBurn.

So that looks like a quiet and calm way to spend the evening; but if you’re more in the mood for a party, I can give no higher recommendation than the Grits-N-Gravy Soul-N-Funk Revue at the Tea Bazaar!

It’s the first of what’s going to be a re-occurring night of excellent classic dance music, spun by DJ Golden Age, the new nom-de-DJ of WTJU’s Colin Powell, whom you may have heard doing some seriously killer funk sets at the last few WTJU Dance parties; in the future he’ll be joined by Rum Cove, aka WTJU’s Robin Tomlin (host of the Soulful Situation); unfortunately Robin can’t make it tonight, so instead Colin will be trading off with some of the folks from the Tea House, who have also been doing really fun dance parties (of a totally different variety) recently. That starts at 9pm, and hopefully will continue past midnight(?) (UPDATE: Colin says it’ll go WELL past Midnight, contrary to what you may have heard on various internets.). And $3 is a pretty good price for several hours of sweet dancing on a Friday night.

There’s been some really excellent DJing going on in town recently, with regular occurances like The Standard and Thomas & Adam’s thing, as well as folks like Blair (who did a great set at the Box on Wednesday, from which I am still quite hung over). Glad to see Colin added to that list of names; I guarantee his set will be smashingly excellent.

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  • 1 colin // Mar 26, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    grits-n-gravy are indeed going far past midnight – maybe even as late as 2am! I think that the facebook event incorrectly listed the ending time as midnight. unfortunate. there will be plenty of time for those of you that are busy earlier to stop on by later.

  • 2 James // Mar 26, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    thanks Colin! great news, looking forward to the show for sure.

    FYI all, I just found out BC is also having a CD Release Party at the Diner this eve. There’s a fun surprise joke thing planned but I can’t spoil the surprise on the internet… (& BC’s gonna do part 2 of their CD release at Miller’s on Sunday)