Red Satellites +2 at Tea House, Hilarious Posters +2 at Random Row, AND a Bridge show!

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It’s yet another night in Charlottesville with plenty of options to choose from;

I’ll start off with the Bridge show, since that one’s happening first and there’s plenty of time to catch it before you go to another thing tonight. As part of The Bridge’s ongoing Audio March program, they’re having a performance of some sound-text pieces by the renowned  electroacoustic composer and artist Annea Lockwood. You may or may not recognize the name, she’s been working for a long time in the academic / experimental music circles; in fact, I’ve got a recording of a piece of hers from 1972 which is pretty fucking far-out; screaming sounds, snippets of classical music, foreign-language announcements run through heavy reverb, creaking machine sounds, etc. As Jonathan says: “It is kind of crazy that this is happening at the Bridge. These people are pretty damn famous in the world of experimental music.” All the more reason not to miss them tonight… that starts at 8pm and I think it’s free.

And at Random Row tonight, there’s a show with the Hilarious Posters, along with two out-of-town bands called Quiet Loudly and Most Ghosts:

I keep meaning to check out Hilarious Posters (actually I owe them a CD review), since everyone has kind things to say about them and their members have some cred from worthwhile cville bands of years past. Don’t know much about the other acts, except that they’ve emailed me a bunch and they seem like nice folks. That show’s at 9:30pm, and the cover is $5.

Also tonight, at the Tea House: it’s the Red Satellites, along with a band called Young Adult Fiction (“90s style rock from VCU”), and I’ve just been told the opening act on the bill is Lester Seal, whom Kevin-Satellite describes as “one of the best pure singers I’ve heard in town.” That one also starts at 9:30, and the cover is also $5.

{sorry for not getting this up sooner, my co-bloggers appear to be AWOL and it’s hard to get everything up on time every day when you’re also working etc.}

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  • 1 Jacob // Mar 13, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    James, thanks for writing everything up. Sorry for being AWOL of late, but unfortunately I haven’t even seen a computer today and am only able to post this comment via my fancy phone, which while being quite fancy, isn’t suitable for full on blogging. I promise as soon as I have a working computer again I’m gonna be blogging the shit outta this blog once again.