Misc stuff this weekend

February 27th, 2010 · No Comments · By

Before I get to blogging about tonight’s big show, here’s a few other things happening this weekend, each of which was just a little too long to fit into a twit:

Although it’s not technically the first of the month yet, there’s a few art-opening type things going on this weekend;  that art show at the Garage which has been up all month, with photos by Sebastijan Jemec and Megan O’Hearn, will finally have its snow-delayed reception tonight, from 6 to 8pm.  I still haven’t actually seen the show, so I’m excited to check it out.  Sam says there’s lots of cool shows coming up at The Garage this Spring, both visual and musical, so I’ll try to get those on our calendar when I know about them.

Also, The Bridge‘s collaborative project with the Westhaven After-School Program had it’s opening last night; not sure how long it’ll be up. {oops, looks like it was just last night, as The Bridge is soon starting their Audio March program; more on that soon.}

Also, Community Bikes is moving locations, and they’re having an Open House in their new spot this Sunday, from 3-6pm; the new spot is off of Preston Ave, basically behind Reid’s and/or where Try&Make used to be (if I’m looking at this map right…)  I’ve been meaning to get a new bike since the end of November, but it hasn’t stopped snowing since then; now that the weather’s warming up (a little), maybe the time is right? Either way I wanna stop by their open-house and offer my support; and you should too! Community Bikes is great!

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