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Hey folks — hope you’re all staying warm and enjoying the lovely snowy weather.

Regarding tonight’s gig with  Those Darlins at the Southern, the Southern’s website says: “Those Darlins are on their way and we’re still on for the show tonight! Stay tuned as things could change with the falling snow. (2:38pm)” {UPDATE: the Southern’s site now reads: “6:06pm – SNOW UPDATE #2: Those Darlins and the Pine Hill Haints are both on 64 West heading our way! The snow has tapered off and it promises to be one of those epic nights! Come on Charlottesville, we just got through 3x as much snow, what are you worried about???”}

So good luck to them, and to the folks who can make it over there… looks like a really fun gig. Those Darlins have been described as an awesome trio of country-rockin’ girls. {Oddly, I’ve already heard two people compare them to the somewhat-lesser well-known band The Ones to Blame, who blew my socks off when they played at the Tea House about a year-and-a-half ago;} anyhow, it’s a comparison that got me excited about hearing Those Darlin’s as well (not to mention some excited praise from more than a few people in town), but the verdict’s still out on whether I’ll actually feel like going out tonight, or whether I’ll just end up at home with a glass of whiskey and some comic books.

For those who are looking to be snowed in for the near future, here’s some cool news to get you excited about the warmer weather: the Annual Valentines’ Day Bike and Bake thing is happening again this year; it’s a fundraiser organized by Community Bikes and Books Behind Bars, in which a squadron of folks dressed as cupids go around town delivering Valentine’s Pastries by Bicycle. Patrick tells us: “A $15 donation will get you one order of six heart-shaped vegan chocolate chip scones.  Each order is bike-delivered by a costumed cherub and comes with a hand-made Valentine’s Day card!  If you live outside the City, orders can be placed and picked up at the Quest Book Shop.  This is an ecological and tasty way to surprise friends, co-workers, employees, loved ones and crushes! Shelly Stern started Bake and Bike about 6 years ago, inspired by the fact that Saint Valentine was said to write to prisoners.  Combining that story with a love of bike-riding and scone-baking, the event has grown into a sizable operation mainly through word-of-mouth recommendations.”  That’s pretty awesome.

Here’s another upcoming event that I’m really excited about: a Nailgun reader named Bob emailed me to let me know that someone in town is organizing a performance of Terry Riley’s classic 1964 piece “In C” !!   Bob says: “Charlottesville baritone sax player Phil Kancianic is seeking local musicians interested in taking part in a performance of  “In C,” which WNYC’s RadioLab blog describes as “the 1964 Terry Riley piece that quietly changed the world of classical music (and eventually pop music too).” The Wikipedia page on the piece  is a pretty good description of what makes the piece unusual for both musicians and listeners. All instruments and vocalists are welcome. If interested, please write to InCville2010@gmail.com.”

I’ll add that it’s a classic work of really engaging, exciting, triumphant minimalism — the Wikipedia entry doesn’t really do it justice, but you can hear one of the original recordings of it here. It’s been performed by a number of ensembles over the years; the one that most people really seem to like is the Bang On a Can performance from 1998, but I’ve always been really partial to the Acid Mothers Temple version myself. Anyway, it should be a really awesome thing to see live. Bob, please let us know when there’s a date set for the performance!

Oh, and here’s one more Valentine’s Day weekend thing that I’m really excited about: the WTJU Sock Hop at the Tea House!

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  • 1 baconfat // Jan 30, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    saw “in c” performed in richmond a few years back by bang on a can all-stars with mr. riley himself. it was uh-may-zing.

  • 2 victoria // Jan 31, 2010 at 9:40 am

    that’s really neat about the terry riley effort. there is a large group of musicians here in bmore who are also going to perform “in c” in february. i’m really looking forward to it!

  • 3 Aaron // Jan 31, 2010 at 11:40 pm

    Sweet little show at Cantina last night with The Astronomers. No more than 10 brave souls showed up for this one. God, it was like having them play in my living room … with a bartender … and a 30 min walk in the snow two ways. Wonderful set, Astronomers!