Drunk Tigers save Christmas!

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You may have noticed that we’re now experiencing a second ice age, or at least the biggest snowfall in VA since the Blizzard of ’96 (I’m told this is the biggest December snowfall in Virginia history … following up the latest first frost in Charlottesville history… global warming is fucked up.)

Anyway, this means that the Bella Morte show at the Jefferson tonight has been POSTPONED! The Jeff’s website says: “Due to the weather tonight’s show has been postponed […] New Date is 1/2/10, doors at 8pm – Refunds are available at point of purchase or will be good for the new date. Thank you, be safe & have fun!”

Totally understandable. However, I’m glad to report there’s a great plan underway for suitable wintertime cheer: Drunk Tigers, having found themselves unable to leave town for their planned 4-day East-Coast tour, are playing a last-minute, Christmas-saving show at The Bridge tonight! It helps that they all live within two blocks of said Bridge (as do I), but please don’t get killed in a snowstorm trying to get over here. That said, if you DO live within walking / shovelling distance of north Belmont, you are more than welcome to join us; Zach and Sarah say: “8pm! Free beer! Mulled wine! Danze partee to follow!” {I may, in fact, be DJing that dance party, assuming the Theatre is closed, which is uncertain at this time.}

{UPDATE: I don’t have to work tonight, and it’s looking like I won’t make the 1am radio show either, so I definitely WILL be DJing at The Bridge. Zach and Mike are loading in gear as we speak.}

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  • 1 James // Dec 20, 2009 at 12:46 pm

    wow, what an awesome, awesome night!

    the evening actually began shortly after 8; we set up the PA and I played some mellow Xmas tunes for a while, and then Max Katz (former frontwoman from Red Wizard) showed up with her guitar and unleashed some terrifying metal fury, in the welcome return of her “Miami Nites” solo project.

    then Jesse Dukes got up and read the first part of Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” while Bierce and Zach and I accompanied him. Considering none of us knew what we were doing and planned it at the very last second, it worked out pretty well. (the part of the story about spit freezing before it hits the ground was uncomfortably present in my mind several hours later as i snuck behind the building to piss in the snow…)

    Drunk Tigers played a fun and relatively short set, beginning (appropriately enough) with “Winter Party.” I actually missed a few songs because I felt like I was about to blow out my eardrum from crouching between the vocal speaker and the bass amp, and I had to retreat until I found some paper towels to stuff in my ears. But I caught most of it… they seriously rocked out on “Whole Wide World” (perhaps the best performance of that song I’ve seen), before we demanded an encore and they came back with a haphazard and semi-in-tune version of “Ocean Boogie.” tons of fun.

    Then Sarah “DJ Law” Lawson DJed for a while, playing exactly the right popular dance things to get the dancing started (good thing I didn’t go first, as my set was decidedly weirder.) Parisi took over for a while, too, and played some hugely successful songs that it never in a million years would have occurred to me to play (the Strokes? Puff Daddy? I had no idea you could dance to Belle&Sebastian’s “Boy with the Arab Strap” …)

    I played some OMD, and some Xmas rap songs (as well as Simon & Garfunkel’s “Hazy Shade of Winter” and Martha and the Vandellas’ “Heat Wave”) before my set devolved into some jingle-bell-flavored breakcore/IDM jams that pretty much freaked everyone out. However, the closing medley of “Last Christmas” / “Snowblind” / and the Orioles just might be the best Holiday set-ender I’ve ever thought of. I’m pretty surprised it worked, actually (Rick even danced). Strangers made out with strangers, and then we pulled the plug and cleaned up. Ended up trying to dig out a foolish and stranded car on Graves st. at 3am, while we were drunkenly falling into snowbanks.

    Many, many thanks to Sarah, and Rick, and the Drunk Tigers, and to The Bridge for making this happen. I feel like I’ve celebrated Christmas already!