awesome Speakertree show / plus Red Satellites in town

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There’s a good-lookin’ show in town tonight, but first I wanted to mention a pretty sweet gig going on at SpeakerTree Records down in Lynchburg. SpeakerTree is independent record store owned by Blair Amberly, former Charlottesville resident, super-nice guy, and impeccable DJ. I catch up with Blair every few weeks or so, and despite a handful of recent trips to L-burg, I’ve never actually been to his store, much to my embarrassment.  But there’s two awesome bands playing there tonight, so what better reason to head south for an evening? Especially now that the weather has nicened up a little.

Blair says the show “looks to be a freakin huge one – AND its featuring invisible hand – so its got that Cville-connect, if anyone in your lovely town is feeling like taking a simple hour drive south to peruse a fantastic record shop , get coffee/dinner next door and hear a really rockin show

Invisible Hand – they are opening – and i think we agree – one of the finest bands in our region (if not THE finest).  they jumped at the chance to play w/ JEFF the bro-hood….

JEFF the Brotherhood – psychedelic brother-duo from Nashville that rocks louder and harder than most bands twice their size.  scorching guitars and very tightly bombastic drums – it is rumored that this is not only the best live act coming from Nashville but the bloggers from NY give these dudes major props esp on the live show…. these dudes are the perfect mix of high-school-prankster-hilarity and straight-up-modern-psych-rockers.

music at 8 pm (ish) i was asking 4-5 bucks at the door to cover the gas expenses of wonderful, traveling musicians.

Sounds pretty solid. I (James) will be heading down there around 7:oo, I think we still have room for one or two in the car if you wanna tag along, so give me a call. Lynchburg may be a tiny little mostly-empty town, but it’s full of super-good folks and I end up having some really nice adventures every time I go there, so I’m looking forward to the evening. Plus I wanna pick up some records from Blair, and the bands themselves should be super-awesome. Here’s a Brotherhood video to whet your appetite, it’s hitting my Wavves / Video Hippos receptors pretty hard, so I’m pretty psyched about seeing them live:

Back here in the bustling metropolis of Cville, there’s a Tea House show which should be pretty promising, with Red Satellites, Pompadour, American Tradition. I haven’t heard Pompadour, but their name has been floating around town as of late; however I did catch Red Satellites when they played with Drunk Tigers a few weeks ago, and it was pretty awesome. They have a pretty solid Roxy Music / T-Rex type of thing going on, plus we got drunk with some of them afterwards and they were nice folks. I’ll miss their show tonight, but I’m excited to see them again in the future… if you’re in town, you should go see ’em tonight!

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  • 1 sarah // Dec 3, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    fact: lynchburg is almost 5 times the size of charlottesville and the population is greater, too. it is, however, severely lacking as far as the art/music scene is concerned. we can thank oliver kuttner for recent revitalization / gentrification.

  • 2 fourpaws // Dec 3, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    damn….that looks like it would be a really sweet show…i REALLY wish i had it in me to drive to lynchburg tonight : (

  • 3 James // Dec 4, 2009 at 11:50 am

    after getting that above YouTube clip stuck in my head for the better part of the day, it was a pleasant surprise when the Brotherhood’s first song sounded exactly like the Melvins. the rest of the set was somewhere in-between; one foot in contemporary sloppy slackerdom (with jan&Dean-esque “whoo-oo” vocals throughout), whilst the other foot took various steps into super-repetative uptempo ROCK, of the Blue Cheer / Mötorhead variety. vocals consistently sounded like a young Joey Ramone (and so did the haircut). I approve! (& I bought the CD)

    Invisible Hand sounded solid as heck; SpeakerTree is a surprisingly great space, acoustically; possibly the only time I’ve been able to clearly hear all 4 band members balanced perfectly. then again, the Hand sound great even as a raucous / unbalanced house-party trainwreck, so it’s a win/win scenario either way. lots of newer songs creeping into the set; it seems those ones haven’t had time to fully marinate into the band’s lizard-brains quite yet, and aren’t yet at the level where they can rip through them at 200mph without blinking… but it’s nice to hear something new.

    they also have a new 7″ out, containing a re-recorded version of one of my favorite totally-obscure Adam Smith songs (pre- dating the band’s current lineup) from a few years back… it’s a split 7″, but i can’t remember whom with. excited to hear it. seems like there’s a sudden burst of recorded output from both the Hand fellows and Adam various other projects; I wholeheartedly approve.

  • 4 Vijith Assar // Dec 4, 2009 at 5:06 pm

    The 7″ is with The Alphabet from Harrisonburg.