Yeah, what Sarah (and Dominic) said!

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Just wanted to pop in and note that I’m also super-excited about tonight’s show. Invisible Hand are easily the best band in Charlottesville right now, Super Vacations are a band that I’m newly inspired to check out after reading Sarah’s post (only heard ’em once and wasn’t paying attention), and the Vivian Girls are simply superb and easily one of my favorite bands of the past few years.

Incidentally, Dominic has a pretty great write-up over on the WTJU blog (as WTJU is sponsoring the show), with which I wholeheartedly concur. See you tonight!

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  • 1 James // Oct 29, 2009 at 8:18 pm

    Invisible Hand played a super-solid set; unfortunately the sound problems at Outback were as awful as always (perhaps even worse, actually). Super Vacations sounded like they were probably doing something pretty worthwhile as well, if I had actually been able to hear them. I was also sober and exhausted and recently-recovered from a week of illness, so I was a strange mood to begin with. It was fun, though. It just made me never, ever wanna go back to the Outback Lodge again (seriously, that might have been the last one I can take. Also, does anyone know why they’re no longer serving liquor? How is that place even still open? Are the stupid, trashy dance parties for horny sexist losers in their basement really enough to keep the place afloat?)

    anyhow Vivian Girls were, as expected, GREAT; although to be honest they seemed a little worn out at the tail end of a giant tour. Solid set though, and really fun. There was even a bizarre little 1992 riot-girl flashback moment when the Vivians invited a group of enthusiastic teenage girls to come dance at the front of the stage — and then they were promptly superceded by a giant pile of dickhead teenage boys shoving each other; “girls to the front” indeed. But I was glad to see that they won; the dickheads soon tired of their pointless displays of pseudo-masculinity, and the girls kept dancing through the end of the set. Hooray for teenage feminism in action!

    Also, I swooned pretty seriously when the band busted out the three-part harmonies and tambourine for a stripped-down cover of the Chantels’ 1957 proto-girl-group doo-wop classic “He’s Gone” — fucking awesome! More of this everywhere, please.

  • 2 Andy // Oct 30, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    dickhead is harsh // just sayin’
    moshing was kind of out of place though

  • 3 baconfat // Oct 30, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    no, dickhead is more than applicable here. there was one turbochoad in particular who decided it would be a good idea to just push people from behind into the girls in front, causing one of them to fall onto the stage. he’s lucky that nobody got hurt, especially himself (because i’m not a violent person; but if anyone ever in their life deserved a beatdown, it was him).

    please pass the message along to your fellow 804-ers to leave that juvenile shit at home. there are people here who are actually trying to enjoy the music and would rather not get assaulted in the process. you wanna beat each other up? join ufc.

  • 4 Andy // Oct 30, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    yea nobody in my group pushed any girls on the ground – so i don’t think 804 really needs any message
    from my perspective the mosh just got a little out of hand // didn’t seem like the huge testosterone fest that got stated above // its quite possible i missed the whole thing due to where I was standing – and it really was a moment of “turbochoadness” (I really don’t approve of juvenile concert antics – honestly)

  • 5 James // Oct 31, 2009 at 11:19 am

    my main problem with it (and “dickhead” is entirely the appropriate terminology) is that the band was specifically like: “we’re gonna create this safe space up front for the girls to dance in,” and then immediately all these guys were like, “No you’re not! Because us dudes are gonna jump on each other and shove you around!”, because — well, I guess because that sort of thing seems mildly funny and fun when you’re totally juvenile and naive and haven’t learned how to interact with people yet (believe me, I was one of those dickheads once — about 13 years ago).

    So yeah, I don’t have a problem with shows where people get really rowdy and energetic and there’s a little shoving — especially if it’s a crowd where most people know and trust each other. what i DO have a problem with is when a small specific group of boys (always boys) decides that they are gonna get really wild no matter what anybody else thinks, and they end up pissing off everyone around them, and maybe that’s even part of the appeal.

    And I do recognize the distinction between people who are just thoughtlessly in the zone of, like, “jumping on each other is fun!” (which it kind of is), and the guys who are into it specifically because they like the idea that they might hurt somebody. Dominic, I know exactly the guy that you’re talking about, and I have no problem denying that dude entry to any and all events I help put together in the future. If Outback had a bouncer, I would have asked him to kick that guy out.

    So admittedly, at the end of the day it’s not such a big deal — it didn’t ruin the show or anything — I know most of y’all were there to have a good time, and all but two or three of you weren’t actually trying to hurt anybody. But seriously, smarten up guys. Intentionally or not, some of you were acting like total, total dickheads for a minute there.