Sometimes we don’t get everything right

October 25th, 2009 · 1 Comment · By

Hey Nailgun readers and Charlottesville folk,

Wanted to write a quick note to apologize for dropping the ball on like, basically every single show this weekend. The Harvest concert at The Bridge, the Corsair show that got moved around a lot (and the poster even disappeared! even though I uploaded it like 5 times), the WTJU-sponsored show by the Of Montreal frontman, the fact that Stephen and Cole played another set last night, the Zombie Movie at OffScreen… yes, we surely neglected to mention any of it. Whoops!

So uh, sorry about that. Hope y’all made it out to some of those without our help. I myself have been troublesomely ill and moody this weekend (no pre-Halloween radio show tonight! bummer), and I’m sure everyone else is busy as heck too. We’ll be back in the saddle soon enough, promise.

{PS While I’m here, I should mention that y’all might want to start getting excited about this.}

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  • 1 Jacob // Oct 26, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    I second that! Man, I’m c0mpletely swamped this month. I could add a few more things we missed including, importantly, the Johnny Gilmore Memorial last night (or simply anything regarding that sad event), a good show at the Tea Bazaar last night, a good house show last Saturday, and other worthwhile things I’m sure…

    Looking forward to some leisure time soon (November), which hopefully includes more time for writing for Nailgun.