“it burned like fire, and it reminded me of cheap, burning plastic…”

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So, there’s this Irish new wave band called U2… yeah, like “you too,” but it’s just spelled like with… oh, you’ve heard of them? Yeah, apparently they’re pretty big…

Oh, and they’re playing in Charlottesville tomorrow, so you might not try to drive anywhere at all (seriously). Shit’s gonna be crazy and kinda horrible. Like the day the students come back to town x10. If you remember that day the Stones played in town a few years ago… it’s gonna be that crazy, probably even worse, as local traffic problems have worsened since then, and since U2 have put out a good record more recently than the Stones (as recently as 1996 even, as compared to some time in the mid-70’s for the Stones)…

Anyhow, here’s that Negativland thing to brighten your day:

{audio is NSFW, unless you work for people who like things that are hilarious and profane.}

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  • 1 James // Sep 30, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    I grew up liking U2 a whole lot, especially in middle school, when they were one of the first “modern” (i.e., post-Beatles) bands I really liked in early adolescence, along with R.E.M. Since then I’ve of course grown to realize all the things that are laughable and horrible and embarrassing about the band, although I still do enjoy their songs on occasion (albeit, songs released over 13 years ago).

    Having just watched “It Might Get Loud” last week (it was playing at the theater where I work), I’m constantly struck by how much they portray themselves as just regular, down-to-earth joes, while they’re simultaneously occupying positions of immense wealth and cultural influence. And I don’t think this is deceitful or duplicitous; I think they really do think of themselves as just average guys, and attempt to act that way, despite doing all of these things that are laughably corpulent and self-aggrandizing. {This interview provides a really interesting contrast in perspective, I found.} Anyhow, it’s something that kept coming to mind when, for instance, I was talking to my mother about U2’s half-assed plans to attempt to offset their astronomical carbon footprint on this tour… or, you know, other issues that just get absolutely absurd and unjustifiable when you are a rock band of that size.

  • 2 James // Sep 30, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    also, I wish I could find a link to the B-side of that Negativland single — hearing the guy from Negativland recite U2’s lyrics in his deadpan, nerdy voice is quite possibly even funnier than hearing the Casey Kasem rant. anybody got a link?

  • 3 James // Oct 2, 2009 at 12:03 pm

    OK, so I could hear that show from INSIDE the Garage last night — that’s all the way on the other side of town, WITH the doors closed, and OTHER music playing! Every time my music faded out, I could hear the bassy muffle of Bono talking about world peace or whatever… at first I thought it was somebody parked outside with their radio on loud, but then I realized it was the goddamn U2 show on the OTHER SIDE OF CHARLOTTESVILLE. “Good golly miss molly!” (as Casey Kasem would exclaim)

  • 4 baconfat // Oct 2, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    is this a record? 3 solo comments on a post you wrote yourself, james?