A Dizzyingly Busy Saturday

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So there’s, like, a bazillion worthwhile things going on tomorrow night! Well, maybe not a bazillion. Maybe more like a half-dozen. Which is still a lot! That’s almost certain to be twice what anyone would even attempt to do tomorrow! Anyways, put yr party-face on. Here goes:

First stop of the evening is The Garage, around 7PM, where Woodfolkers John and Chris will play (presumably) some sort of ambient electronic music under the title Everything Is Lava. (I dig that name…) Next up is Great Dads, Adam Smith and Jeff Simmons totally badass noise project. Also appearing are Coald Toast from Richmond, who sound pretty bleep-bloopy and definitely worth checking out. Lastly, or firstly, however it goes, is Charlottesville’s Elvis. You know. That guy. I didn’t know he actually, uh, Elvis-ed… actively. Well, apparently so!

Next up, starting at 9PM, it’s time to make some choices! There’s Trees on Fire at Bel Rio. ($5, 21+) I don’t think they’re playing town again for a while, so if you’re a Tree-Head, now’s your chance. A friend plays in this band and I feel like a jerk for not catching one of their shows yet! But, alas, Saturday will not be the night, as I’ll be manning the Drunk Tigers show at the Tea Bazaar. Appearing alongside Drunk Tigers are two extremely worthwhile touring acts: Hands and Knees (from Massachussetts) and, pictured below, Drink Up Buttercup, a group from Philadelphia, whom I remember hearing a lot about in my Philly days. ($5)

Meanwhile, over at 12th Street Taphouse, there’s likely to be quite the massive birthday bash. Holy crap, it’s EVERYBODY’S BIRTHDAY AT ONCE! Que Cera Cera Soiree is name of the celebration of four persons of note: Sarah Carr, Sarah Webb, Shane O’Gallagher, and Andrew Cedermark. Vevlo Eel will play (heard that name an awful lot, but can’t say I’ve heard em yet) and Brad Perry (aka DJ Nano) will ‘spin’ (an iPod wheel I think). 10PM-2AM, no cover.

Lastly, over on that strange other side of town, there’s a total UVAcore house show. Yes, yes, all the requisite things will be there, probably including beer pong, maybe flip cup, and most definitely bands. Expect to hear from Caninos, Your Spirit Animal, Trevor Loomis Merrion, DJ Yours Truly (aka Dan Tarjan), and maybe Lovecrumbs as well. Sounds like a real rager. I won’t disclose the location, but I think if you’re clever you’ll be able to figure it out. Here’s a hint: JPA.

Okay, that’s as far as I can take you. If you’re hitting up Little John’s, try not to get in a fist-fight with that frat douche who said something rude to your girlfriend. If you’ve been to two or more of these events, take a cab. If you’ve been to three or more, find your way to the nearest couch. If you’ve been to 4+, we’ll send out search parties in the morning. Good luck!

Oh, one final note: Cindy Leal is hosting an audition for a This Little Bird dance piece at her space at McGuffey Art Center on Saturday from 6-8pm and again on Sunday from 2-4pm. Martial arts knowledge is, apparently, a plus.

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  • 1 Michael B. // Sep 26, 2009 at 11:16 am

    DON’T FORGET THE VEGETARIAN FESTIVAL! I am so bummed about missing this event. It’s starting…well, right now actually and going till 4pm at Lee Park. According to a friend of mine, who has frequented this event for years, it’s a bunch of vendors selling delicious food and giving out plenty of free samples. And just to make matters even better, there’s a puppy/kitten adoption fair in the center of it all. So picture this: free food and puppies/kittens….puppies/kittens!

  • 2 baconfat // Sep 26, 2009 at 11:27 am

    it would be really awesome to go to the vegetarian festival, adopt a bunch of kittens, and then sell them to a chinese restaurant.