four bands!

September 20th, 2009 · No Comments · By

Chance allows for the five members of Order to convene and play Charlottesville for the first time since May. I am very happy about this because Order is one of my favorite bands comprised of some of my favorite people . Happy circumstances! Friends The Alphabet and Elephant Child and are riding down from Harrisonburg to join them. The Alphabet was supposed to play at The Box back in July but, beleagured by illness, they had to cancel at the last minute. I mentioned before several of the Sing! Sing! Prison guys are in The Alphabet. Elephant Child is a fairly new band, too. They played their first show at Macrock last April, which I happened to catch. I saw a lot of bands that weekend so I can’t distinguish a clear impression of their sound but my JMU-attending little sister tells me they are the best band in Harrisonburg. St. God’s Hospital rounds out the bill.

I know this show hasn’t been advertised as extensively as it should have been but the venue has changed about three times. All the same, tonight should be pretty good. Everything will start at The Box round abouts 10:30 and of course there’s no cover and it’s 21+.

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