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From the Tyrannosaurus Rock e-mail that I just received:

Bill Cole, whose music has been described “as if the Ganges is flowing
into the Hudson” is playing a show tonight and it sounds like it will
be really nice, check it out!

Bill Cole is the founder and leader of the Untempered Ensemble and has
played with Ornette Coleman, William Parker, Jayne Cortez, Julius
Hemphill, Sam Rivers, James Blood Ulmer, and Fred Ho. He is currently a professor at Syracuse and he’s written biographies of Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

“One of Bill Cole’s calling cards is his ability to play free jazz on
a seemingly endless number of nonwestern instruments: the digeridoo,
the Korean hojok, the Indian nagaswarm. Cole is hardly the first free
jazz musician to turn his attention to nonwestern traditional music:
to varying degrees, the Art Ensemble Of Chicago, John Coltrane, and
Pharoah Sanders all took cues from outside the west, and many of the
most important features of jazz can be traced back to Africa. But few
improvisers make their nonwestern influences as explicit as Cole
-Dusted Magazine

Tonight! April 26
7:30pm – 8:30pm
$5 (students $3)
214 Community Arts Center (214 Rugby Road)
(it’s the old ‘Prism’ space.)

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