fun art at the Garage tonight, with music

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There’s an art opening at The Garage tonight which I’m pretty excited about…

Many of you may know Greg Kelly from The Bridge. In 2005 Greg started having drawing parties at his house (his old house, before he and Leigh moved to Belmont) in which pencils, ink, typwriters and tape were handed around amongst friends and bottles of red wine.  Greg’s been doing these on-and-off for about 4 years now, and he’s been keeping the resulting works in a suitcase … tonight he’s opening up the suitcase at The Garage. Every work will be for sale, prices left to the buyer’s discretion, and the funds will all go towards supporting the Westhaven After-School Program.

There are hundreds of collaborative and unsigned works, in wildly varying styles and quality (though a large number of them are pretty amazing), from dozens of local artists and friends including John Bylander, Allyson Mellberg, Max Fenton, Patrick Costello, Jeremy Taylor, Johanna Drucker, Kristin Adolfson, Dave Moore, Erik Carter, Sarah Lawson, Eliza Evans, and (apparently) myself.

So it should be a really fun opening! It starts at 5, and The Hill & Wood will play at 7:00. You should come check it out! Here’s just a small sample:

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