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I’m having another show at place, and it’s going to be pretty sizable.  It’s a six act bill (which actually doesn’t top the first house show I hosted which was a seven act bill…not trynna brag or anything but I’m still shocked my housemates and I managed to pull that off without wrecking our place).Jacob Wolf was kind enough to send three promising acts my way: Billy Noom, Motorcycle Maus, and TBA (aka Emit Es).  Billy Noom, a member of Accordian Death Squad (who are and awesome and completely sincere Klezmer rock band), has started a solo project.  His music is very eerily pretty and very interesting.  I’ve only heard the recordings so I’m looking forward to seeing how he puts on a live show. I especially enjoyed Motorcycle Maus’ recordings; their music is best described as experimental, low-key indie rock (that’s actually a pretty generic description, but, trust me, they sound good).  And Emit Es, a Charlottesville resident at one point in the past, will be performing his original songs on ukulele (I have been told that his instrunemnt of choice is a ukulele…I hope that’s still true).Caleb L’Etoile, of the bands Stolen Arms and St. God’s Hospital (the latter band will perform tonight), booked the other acts.  So kudos to him for all his help on putting this show together.  The Black Powder is a very modern-sounding punk band with some hardcore influence; St. God’s drummer, Cory Chubb, plays guitar for Black Powder.  This is worth noting because playing two sets in a row must be physically exhausting.  And this dude will most likely be passing out in my living room.  The Fordists describe themselves as a grimy post-punk band, which I think fits them perfectly.  And the aforementioned student band, St. God’s Hospital, will be playing.  They could also be categorized as a degree of punk; they sound heavily influenced by Modest Mouse and I mean that in a good way. Well, due to the large number of bands, I’m going to try and get things started around 9-9:30 pm.E-mail me if you want my address,  And, most importantly, there is no cover but donations are strongly suggested (it all goes to the bands)…but if you’re broke, don’t sweat it.  Hope to see you all there!

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