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The Alphabet, a brand new band from Harrisonburg, are playing their first Charlottesville show at the Box tonight and I’m happy to have them. They’re pretty good dudes whom you’ll likely recognize from at least one of these bands:  Order, An American Tourist, Dialogues, Super Vacations, and the long gone Sing! Sing! Prison (R.I.P.) So I guess this is like a super group of sorts? The Alphabet bears a strong similarity to Sing!Sing! Prison in the way they sound; they’re kind of math rocky and guitar-driven. Wanli, comprised partly of UVA alums, will also play. They’ve played a couple of low-key shows at the Tea House and The Bridge over the past couple of months so maybe you’ll recognize them? I get the impression they’re going for a less danceable version of Q and not U. Lastly, Caleb L’etoile’s other band, Stolen Arms, will round out the three band bill. In listening to the songs on myspace, I’ve concluded this is my favorite of Caleb’s bands. James’ former description of his music as “not quite as cloying as Bright Eyes” still applies to the vocals but the music is more melodious than his other projects. Things will start promptly at 10:30 and are free.

There’s also a pretty cool show at the Tea House tonight. Casper and the Cookies are coming up from Athens, Georgia. Casper himself is an erstwhile member of Of Montreal who was around circa 2004-2005. In looking at his photo, I remember him from the Satanic Panic in the Attic tour. His ornate Vivaldi meets 17th Century Caribbean pirate style blouse really made him stand out. I don’t know much about the other band, Everything Now!, but their aesthetic is rife with the conventional adornments of  60s psychedelia including an outerspace background on their myspace that made me anticipate what I heard as soon as the media player loaded. This show starts earlier at 8:00 and probably costs $5 although I need a confirmation on that from my man Jacob.  So there you go, busy Monday.

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