CLAW reunion tonight!

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The Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers, who last ‘rassled back in November, are doing one last big send-off event this evening, entitled the Thrilla in Cvilla. It’s happening behind Blue Moon Diner at 8pm. It’s free, although attendance may be limited by capacity, and betting (both above and below the table) is widely encouraged (all the money will ultimately go towards Lighthouse).

I’ve written often in the past about why I think CLAW is an awesome idea {for example here, or also here if you scroll down through my rant to the relevant part}.  I was glad to be involved in it’s early stages (Thomas Dean & I made the poster) and I thought it was a really fun event, although even I was surprised by how exponentially popular it became. It outgrew the size of the Blue Moon in just three months, and had to be moved out back — but even the final CLAW event seemed almost embarrassingly unmanageable in size (both from the perspective of this attendee, and also, I inferred, for a lot of the organizers & diner staff who suddenly found themselves on a runaway train).

So I was also sort of glad that CLAW ended when it did, before it had the chance to wear out its welcome and become tedious or overblown or what-have-you. It was great while it lasted, and tonight should be a fun reunion event / send-off / last-chance-to-see type thing. I’ll be there, and I’m looking forward to it.

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  • 1 James // Jul 25, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    oh — I hadn’t heard of this before, but according to the website, it looks like they’re actually planning on making it an annual event from now on. maybe that’s best? i dunno, i’ll see how I feel about it next year, but for this evening I’m excited.

  • 2 Jacob // Jul 25, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    Also, though I’m posting this entirely too late, there’s a rad show at the Tea Bazaar tonight (see calendar to the right for details) and Carlton James is playing post-CLAW and late into the evening at Mono Loco. Make sure to wish him a Happy (belated) Birthday!