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There are tons of shows going on tonight — I’m gonna try to see at least 2 of them, I hope.

The one I’m most excited about is an early show at The Bridge; the headliner is Blevin Blectum, a.k.a. 1/2 of the duo formerly known as Blectum from Blechdom. I assumed they were sort of a household name (at least in certain types of households), but enough people that I’ve told about the show have reacted with such befuddlement that perhaps an explanation is on order…

Blectum from Blechdom were a duo of two girls from the Bay Area who were closely involved with the early years of the Tigerbeat6 label (along with kid606, Cex, DAT Politics, etc). They were basically doing glitchy laptop stuff around the turn of the millinium (when such things were extremely fashionable) but also had two feet squarely in the tradition of silly bedroom-project pop music. Basically, they had serious DSP chops, but also liked to make weird costumes and jump around and sing songs about haunted houses, imaginary animals, their tits, etc. I saw them play a great show for, like, about 10 people in my first semester of college, and they somehow got the small crowd of jaded conceptual artists totally into their ridiculous jumping-on-the-bed slumber-party aesthetic, which is something of an achievement in itself (this was before Americans remembered that you can dance to electronic music). Kevin and Blevin stopped working together as a band in early 2001, but they’ve each gone on to well-respected solo careers — Kevin Blechdom’s solo stuff is worth checking out as well (oddly enough, they’ve each kept their crazy pseudonyms from the old band — although Blevin also records as D84, is in the band Sagan, has worked with Matmos, etc).

So anyway, I’m pretty excited to see Blevin play tonight. I think she’s doing some kind of video-based thing that’s part of her performance, so that should be pretty cool. She also sent us the best press photo in the entire world:

If that isn’t enough to convince you, the openers are Charlottesville’s very own Jonathan Zorn, as well as Wobbly, another SF-based laptop artist who was responsible for 2002’s excellent Wild Why, a glitch record made entirely from samples of bay area rap radio (check out the lyric sheet!) He’s also done a bunch of projects with Matmos, if that gives you an idea. It starts at 8 and should be over by 11pm, giving you a chance to check out plenty of other things, like:

The show at the Tea House with Drunk Tigers, MSS and Hilarious Posters! In addition to being friends of mine and good dudes, Drunk Tigers are one of my favorite new local bands. They’re pretty heavily influenced by the Replacements / Hüsker Dü aesthetic, with healthy doses of Undertones / Exploding Hearts / Dischord … actually fuck it, they’re just a really charming and great garage band, and they’re still pretty new so they’re in that stage where they’re just getting better with every show. If you love the Invisible Hand you will probably enjoy Drunk Tigers as well, although they are different people playing different music.

Mss. is the new band by cville art-rock elder statesmen Tyler Magill and one of the dudes from Curious Digit, on keyboards and guitar. It’s a bit mellower than you might expect from Tyler’s work with Grand Banks and Bucks&Gallants, although the one show I saw them play before was at a wedding reception. Then again, it was a wedding reception where Tyler sang a Lungfish cover, so there you go. And apparently the Hilarioius Posters are a new-ish band of student-types … haven’t heard them yet myself but Jacob says they’re good.

The other shows tonight include a house party punk show with Logic Problem and Total Wreck – it’s another thing at Sam’s house, so check with him about the details. I’m gonna check out one of those shows eventually, as soon as one happens on a night when I’m not already doing something else.

There’s also a show at the Outback Lodge with  Astronomers, Born Empty, and Dixie Licks… and a show at IS with the 40 Boys , Jackmove, and yet another return appearance by the Pietasters.

In short, it is a lovely summer evening with tons to do, and you would be a fool to stay in! I myself am gonna go to The Bridge and then try to catch the Drunk Tigers at the Tea House (they’re playing last, so it should work out nicely…)

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  • 1 Jon bray // Jul 24, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    the hularious poster are charming as all fuck–they make wish i were a nerd. oh and drunk tigers have a new bass player who probly actually owns a bass and bass amp so it should be an improvement from my fake bass playin ass!

  • 2 Davis // Jul 24, 2009 at 4:40 pm

    As I no longer live in Charlottesville it seems I more frequently post to WTJU emails and things like this event. Sure miss you sometimes. So, a little scene-setting. That “dude from the Curious Digit” is named Josh Krahn. He is a wealth of musical talent and knowledge etc. and a good human. He is also fairly responsible for getting Tyler and I playing music together and thus paving the way for Grand Banks etc. etc. Some of you may even remember him as the main man in One Hundred Dollars. Sounds like a good evening all around.

  • 3 doof // Jul 30, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    how was this show? I missed it because I am lame. I did get to experience Blectum from Blechdom in SF at The Bottom of the Hill with Electric Birds and Matmos circa 2000. They were dressed as Siamese twins. perfect. Some of my earliest exposure to that scene.