Bridge screening tonight

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The Summer Film Series at The Bridge starts tonight!

This evening’s screening is to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Accordingly, it’s an evening of gay-themed films, including two short films by Barbara Hammer (“Jane Brakhage” and “the History of the World According to a Lesbian”), and a longer feature, the 1966 film “Lupe” by the late Jose Rodreiguez-Soltero, about which the Filmmaker’s Cooperative says:

Strangely neglected for way too long, Jose Rodriguez Soltero’s Lupe is an underground classic of the stature of Flaming Creatures, Scorpio Rising, Hold me While I’m Naked, or The Chelsea Girls. It is ostensibly a biopic of Lupe Velez inspired by Kenneth Anger’s sketch of the Mexican spitfire in Hollywood Babylon and, stylistically, by Von Sternberg’s Marlene Dietrich vehicles. Rodriguez Soltero takes some liberties with the facts and produces a color-saturated, gorgeous dime-store baroque that tells of Lupe’s rise from whoredom to stardom, her fall into fractured romance and suicide, and her ascension into the spirit world. It is consistently inventive and surprising, and wrapped in a dense soundtrack that combines, Elvis, Cuban boleros, Spanish flamenco, The Supremes, and Vivaldi. It features some of the main players of the Ridiculous Theatrical Playhouse […] Mario Montez never looked better; no wonder this was his favorite film. Whether they know it or not, Pedro Almodóvar, Vivienne Dick, and Bruce LaBruce have a godfather in Jose Rodriguez Soltero.

… which sounds awesomely gay. We’ve also got a copy of vintage Mike Wallace TV special report on “the Homosexuals,” which I’m told is amusing and/or appalling in its earnest nearsightedness.

It starts at 8pm at The Bridge PAI, and the suggested cover donation is $5! Come check it out!

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