Emperor X at The Bridge

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First off, a special shout out to last weekend. Charlottesville, you’re really killing it these days. The show at iS on Saturday was all-around great, with a single caveat– the sound, which is supposed to be iS’ strong suit, was awfully muddy all night, so that was fairly disappointing. And believe me, I think I know what The Extraordinaires are supposed to sound like…

But moreover, the show at The Garage last night was just phenomenal. All the acts were lovely. The weather was perfect. The entire Lee Park hillside was filled with people (many of whom I didn’t know and was really left wondering how word had spread so thoroughly). And Mountain Man’s set was just ridiculously georgeous. I think they could’ve played for another hour and no-one would have been any less rapt. It was just the ideal summertime event. I’m instantly nostalgic.

Anyways, TONIGHT!

Emperor X is playing at The Bridge tonight. I wrote about him previously here and I’m extremely excited for this show. And as I said before, he’s a bona-fide off-the-wall lo-fi analog recording awesome crazy dude. And the live show is always a treat. So I know Monday isn’t always everyone’s best night to come out but it’ll be well worth it, trust me! The show will run early, starting around 8PM and hopefully ending 10-ish. I Need Sleep open. And there’s a chance that I’ll play a short set of my songs too at the start of the night… trying to get used to doing that even though it makes me nervous as hell…

Also, if you’re not making an early night of it, locals Astronomers play at The Box with a band called The Honors. Don’t know anything about them, but there’s no cover and this should start a good bit after The Bridge show wraps up (maybe 11PM?), so catch both!

Meanwhile, Cindy Leal and Gerrit Roessler (This Little Bird) are doing an improvisational dance/music performace at the Tea Bazaar. I caught one of these at their McGuffey studio and it was quite nice. Cindy has also mentioned some really exciting work that the two of them have been doing creating interactivity between the dance and music, wherein she actually changes/affects the music with her movements. Sounds neat and ambitious. Should run from 9-midnight. $3 donation.

UPDATE: I just checked out I Need Sleep again who, to be honest, just got put on the bill because they were on tour with Emperor X. It appears that these folks actually look craaa-zy. Like, a frickin 11-piece band with a ton of energy. If you liked Dark Meat (in other words, all of you!), I think this is gonna be very much up your alley.

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  • 1 sarah // Jun 22, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    blame it on that sound guy!