Films at The Bridge, Rock at IS, Punk at Dust

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There’s a film screening at The Bridge tonight, as part of AIA’s Architecture Week events. Unfortunately it hasn’t been promoted as much as I’d like, but I think it’s gonna be a pretty great one and I’d encourage you to come check it out. I didn’t put the program together (Dina Sorenson from VMDO did), but it contains some of my favorite filmmakers and films:

• three films by Peter Hutton, whose incredible At Sea showed at OffScreen this season. He makes really beautiful and insightful travelogue / landscape films; we’ll be showing two earlier short ones (New York Portrait and Florence) and a longer, more recent half-hour film (Skagafjordur).

• two by Peter Kubelka; remember Unsure Afrikareise, that really intense safari documentary? With the super-dense sound/picture cutting, and the harsh critique of imperialism? We showed it as part of “Experimental Travelogues” in 2007 … we’re showing that one again tonight (I could watch it a hundred times), plus another I haven’t seen.

• a film by Martin Arnold (the guy who did the incredible re-edit of footage from To Kill a Mockinbird); we’re showing his first film Piece Touché, a film which has given me synesthesia and made me lose equilibrium on several occasions, even though it’s basically just really simple cuts made in a 20-second piece of generic footage.

• a film between Stan Brakhage and Phil Solomon; it’s a shorter one, a handpainted collaboration between two giants of 16mm abstraction

• and a film by Eva Weber; I don’t know her work at all, but the film (City of Cranes) won Best Short at Full Frame last year.

So come check it out! It’s starting later than usual (8pm, rather than 7 like many of our spring screenings), but it’ll be over in time to check out the shows tonight…


Which, by the way, are: Drunk Tigers and the Caninos at IS! Two new-ish and totally worthwhile local bands; they’re playing with a guy from New York who records under the name Hearts of Darknesses… he’s done stuff on glitch / IDM labels like Zod and Schematic, but his stuff sounds more like laptop-y rock band material, which I’m sort of undecided about. Anyhow it should be a wortwhile show. Especially since it’s only $6 and it’s an All-Ages show… doors at 9pm, Matt says things will probably start 10-ish.


There’s also a hardcore / punk show at Dust, with two bands from Italy(!), la Crisi and Strength Approach, as well as three local-ish acts: Total Wreck, Full Court Press, and the Honeybuns . That one’s also All Ages (no booze), and it’s $5… doors at 7:30, show at 8pm.

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