great Tea House show, the Laundromat, and a ton old-school Cville bands

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Tons of business to attend tonight. First off, there’s the Tea House show with The Extraordinaires, the Invisible Hand, and the Raquellos.

The Extraordinaires haven’t been in town in a while, apparently they have a ton of new material which is a lot more “prog”-y, reportedly due to the influence of some former Folkskünde members, although it seems tonight’s show will just be Jay & Matt doing an acoustic thing, so it may be a whole set of old favorites. Either way, it should be grand.

The Invisible Hand are also doing the more-acoustic-y version of their set; I’ve seen them do this a few times now, and it really impressed me with how much I’ve come to love all their songs over the past year or so of those 4 guys becoming a tight-knit powerhouse of awesomeness.

Oh, and by the way: they have a new 4-song EP! Adam says: “It was recorded as a promotional thing for our recent trip to SXSW so we are all for it being a free download.  We’re really proud of it and think that it should be heard by as many people as possible BUT if someone feels inclined to donate or buy they can go to Record Theory to purchase some older albums…” I haven’t had the chance to listen to this yet (I’m at work) but I’m excited. {Update: I just listened to it, and it kicks all kinds of ass.)

Oh, and The Raquellos are great, too. They’re gaining some well-deserved acclaim around here, and although they may not yet be c-ville household names like the folks they’re sharing the bill with, they’re definitely worthwhile and fun and great.  RIYL the Extraordinaires, Robyn Hitchcock, or the Pogues. Jesse and I were joking about possible ways of stripping-down and acoustic-ifying their already stripped-down, acoustic set; I told him he should play them normally but stage-whisper all the lyrics.

I think the show probably starts 9-ish; and remember, Tea House shows all end before midnight now, so being fashionably late may not be in your best interest this time around. It’s a pretty safe bet the cover is $5, and it’s been advertised as an All-Ages show (I should mention that I’m not entirely certain this is still true… although clearly, it should be.)


There’s also an indie-rock-type show tonight at The Laundromat, a new house-show basement venue which I haven’t been to yet, which has previously mostly hosted punk and hardcore bands. But tonight they have Cinemasophia, the Caninos, and the FiendsThe Caninos are a new-ish band who have actually really impressed me; I think Cinemasophia used to play around a lot, but honestly it’s been a while and I can’t quite recall what I thought of them. Don’t know a thing about the Fiends…  and apparently my friend Kaveh is DJing a dance party afterwards. So I’ll definitely try to stop by and check that out after the Tea House show.

If you want more info about the Laundromat (such as it’s location), please contact laundromatrules at gmail dot com


There’s also a thing this evening at Fry’s Spring, which is a benefit concert for Steve Riggs. There’s a huge line-up of acts which may look very familiar to anyone who remembers the Charlottesville Rock scene of the 80’s, but which will probably look a little puzzling to everyone younger: it’s the Skip Castro Band, the Original Charlottesville Allstars, Chickenhead Blues Band, Kymystery, American Dumpster, Alligator, the Glagstones, the Rogan Brothers,  and Ian Gilliam and the Fire Kings with Tom Principato. You can find more info about the show here.

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  • 1 john // Mar 29, 2009 at 11:33 pm

    That Invisible Hand EP is indeed AWESOME. I can’t wait ’til they come up to NYC in April.