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Update: This thing isn’t actually happening. Turns out the reason I know so little about is it that everyone basically forgot we had picked this date it was never finalized anywhere. So, we’re gonna try the whole thing again in a few weeks when we actually have time to plan it and promote it etc. SO! you should come to that one, when it happens. It’ll be better than all of us trying to make something up at the last minute. Probably better that way (especially since I’m suffering from a sinus attack and am only 40% functional…)

I’m fairly certain there’s another Mod Soul dance party at the Tea House tonight. I seem to recall agreeing to DJ it some weeks ago, and that may still be the case. Worst-case scenario, I’ll just show up in my nice suit and dance. I’d advise you to do the same…  those things are always fun. {There won’t be many more of them either, since Paul and Orion are leaving this summer!}  We’re also planning on doing  a post-punk dance party at some point, which I’m quite excited about. More details in this space as they become available.

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