Dust show tonight; might be the last one?

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There’s a show at Dust tonight which should be pretty amazing; the headliners are Sonoi, which contains former WTJU-ers / members of Manishevitz; it seems like folks were already pretty excited about the show before FIVE more bands got added to the bill; The Raquellos are starting things off with their folky sea-shanties at around 9:30, followed by Cramps-esque retro-rockabilly from the Rock&Roll Cannibals and 70’s hard-rock flavours from Corsair, as well as Accumulator Syndrome (who are working pretty heavily in a Fall / Jesus Lizard -vein), and Rogue Romans (whom I’ve never heard of, and know nothing about).

Also, there are rumors going around that this might be the Last Dust Show Ever. I asked Curt if this was true yesterday, and in his typically evasive and mysterious fashion, he basically said “maybe.”  Tyler Magill (who set up the show) has this to say: “it looks like this might be the last show ever at Dust, so make sure to show up and thank Kurt [sic] for taking up the mantle of the Pudhouse and hosting some really incredible shows. Maybe one of you will be inspired to start a performance space yourself. Charlottesville needs one.”

Hear, hear! Whatever happens this evening, let’s all take the time to thank Curt for everything he’s done for Charlottesville music over the past few years. It would be a much more boring town without him.  Plus, if this really IS the last Dust show: come on, you gotta be there. What could you possibly do tonight that would be more worthwhile than seeings six good bands and paying your last respects to the craziest venue in town? { “Neither Snow, nor Rain, nor Sleet…” etc etc. }

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  • 1 James // Feb 28, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    Oh yeah, and it looks like I’ll be DJing afterwards… for as late as y’all stick around.