Taphouse Tonight — I’m spinning

February 25th, 2009 · No Comments · By

Here’s a last-minute one: I’m DJ-ing at the 12th-St Taphouse tonight, from 10pm-ish to 1am-ish. You should stop by, it’ll be fun. I told Adam I’d probably be playing “old motown / stax soul, 60’s ska, low-key new wave, 50’s doo-wop, biz markie classics, charming obscurities, etc.” Now that I’m plannig the set, it may include some downtempo IDM as well; still trying to get a sense of what works in that space.

There’s no cover, and if you haven’t been to the Taphouse yet, it’s a great place to grab a late-night drink or a bite to eat. It’s in the old Northern Exposure space on West Main (between Studio Art and the Hospital, basically). I heard various folks yesterday describe the mood of the place as “like if the Bistro grew up” or “like if the C&O felt like an art gallery” — all I know is, the first time I went there three weeks ago, I walked in the door alone at 9pm, expecting to have one quick drink with a bar full of strangers; instead, everyone there was a friend or acquantance, and I left at 1am significantly drunker and cheerier than when I arrived.

So, it’s a solid spot for sure, and I’ll be playing some fun tunes tonight. Stop by to say hi, have a drink, possibly dance, etc.

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