Bridge show, Divorcees at Diner

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The Audio February show at The Bridge tonight looks like fun; it’s Jay Purdy of the Extraordinaires, along with Adam Soroka. I think the flyer pretty much speaks for itself:

That’s one’s at 8pm, so after it ends you’ll have time to head over the Blue Moon Diner for the 10pm Jim Waive show. It’s Jim’s first show in several months with his full band, The Young Divorcees — they were supposed to play in January but it got rescheduled. Which is good, because 1) they’re a great band and it’s always good to see them, and 2) I got to re-use the swell poster I made (didn’t have time to scan the new version, so just imagine that the color scheme is slightly different and that it has tonight’s date on it.)  That one’s free.


Oh, and if you’re in the mood to see a movie instead, there’s a good one showing as part of the UVa French Dept’s current mini-film festival: “Blame it on Fidel,” a nice film from 2006. It’s about a 9-year old girl in 1960’s France, whose life of privilege and security is disrupted as her Aunt arrives in town, fleeing Franco’s regime in Spain; her parents become increasingly active in leftist politics, and she stubbornly resists, whining about all the luxuries that she no longer has access to.

As a story of a small child learning to overcome selfishness and beginning to understand politicals and the adult world, it’s perhaps somewhere between Spirit of the Beehive and Persepolis (the actual comic, not that silly and unnecessary film version) — although more than anything, it actually reminded me of this amazing Dave Eggers short story from that McSweeney’s issue where they pretended everyone was Icelandic. Plus, it’s basically a film about how socialists and communists are misrepresented, and about how prioritizing your own privilege over the safety of others is immature and childish, which is perhaps a thing we should all do well to consider.

The screening is at 7:30 at Clark Hall #107, admission is $3.

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